Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Phone on Black Friday

Black Friday, heralding the onset of the holiday shopping spree, is renowned for its astounding offers and price cuts. It presents the ideal opportunity to grab that coveted new smartphone. Yet, delving into Black Friday phone deals can be daunting without proper preparation. This comprehensive guide will lead you through maximizing your Black Friday smartphone purchase.

Adapt and Save

Desiring a Black Friday iPhone deal but not thrilled about the hefty price tag? Unfortunately, Apple rarely offers discounts. The deals typically come from big retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and network carriers, but these often involve trade-ins or long contracts. 

Stay flexible and explore the world of refurbished or ‘reborn’ tech for even more savings. This market frequently surprises with 30-70% discounts, like those on Back Market. The best part? These deals aren’t limited to black friday sales or Cyber Monday – you can discover them year-round in the refurbished tech sphere.

Stay Ahead with Research

You’ll need to dedicate time to research and price comparisons to unearth that remarkable deal worth boasting about. In recent years, discounts have cropped up earlier and earlier in the lead-up to Black Friday. So, stay vigilant for offer announcements not just in November but as early as mid to late October.

However, the prime savings usually emerge during the Black Friday week and on the day itself. If you plan to make purchases during this window, you must have a firm grasp on expected prices, ensuring confident decision-making or swift transitions to other stores or websites. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s original retail or recommended list price to validate the authenticity of the discount.

Be Persistent

If the Black Friday tech deal you had your eye on suddenly goes off the table, don’t throw in the towel. Retailers often promote a jaw-dropping discount initially, but it’s typically limited to a few lucky shoppers. It is a tactic to attract more customers even though only a handful will snag the best deal. 

Don’t let one missed opportunity deter you; numerous alternative products and offers can save you money if you persevere. Additionally, if you’re open to purchasing refurbished items, you’ll likely stumble upon many other deals that can easily replace the one you had your heart set on.

Budget and Decide Wisely

During the holidays, you’ll see many ads from different places, which can be overwhelming. To combat this, ensure you have a clear budget and a curated list of preferred items.

Retailers craft their marketing to trigger impulsive purchases and exceed your budget. Stick to your budget. If you’ve set a spending limit of $200, don’t give in to the allure of a deal that makes you spend more than that. Prioritizing your wishlist makes it easier to discern what to buy and leave behind.

You could also check out Back Market if you have more money after the holidays. They have deals year-round on smartphones, laptops, game systems, smartwatches, and more, even when deals are hard to find elsewhere.

Preload Your Cart and Reserve

To get ready for Black Friday, you might want to put the things you want to buy in your online buying cart ahead of time or reserve them in-store if you can. Having a clear list of the items you intend to buy is crucial. Many shoppers preload their carts before Black Friday and hit the order button when the discounts kick in. 

This plan speeds up ordering and keeps your most-wanted things from selling out. Online shops can get busy during these times, so having your cart ready makes it easier to buy what you want with just a few clicks.

Older Model Tech Deals

Here’s a heads-up for savvy shoppers: If you’re seeking the ultimate cell phone bargain, the steepest discounts won’t be found on the newest models. Instead, older models will probably be the show’s stars, offering deals that often surpass the allure of the latest iPhone. It’s worth noting that these ‘older’ models are typically just under a year old and remain technologically relevant.

Maximize Savings with Trade-Ins

Everyone knows that companies like Verizon often offer discounts on new phones when you trade in old ones. But to get the biggest discount, trade in the newest, best smartphone from the previous year or sign a 1- to 2-year deal. 

The great part is that places like Back Market, which sells refurbished items, also offer trade-in programs where you can sell or trade your old tech. This can help you save money on your next buy.

Cutting down on e-waste and using raw materials needed to make new technology is a big part of this method, which helps your wallet and the environment. Ask your favorite store if they’d like to buy your old smartphone, tablet, or game machine to see if you can save even more money.

Question the Advertised Discount

It might be easier to understand if you’ve done a lot of study, but you must be aware of the sneaky things stores do during the holidays. In the lead-up to Black Friday, some stores may increase prices to make their advertised discounts seem more enticing. 

Furthermore, it’s crucial to scrutinize the fine print in these ads. Phrases like “limited-quantity” or “with eligible purchase” could suggest that obtaining the deal will be challenging, or you’ll need to increase your spending to qualify.

Price Comparison Matters

Don’t believe flashy “75% off” ads; not all discounts are real. This underscores the importance of thorough research. Examine your desired product across various retailers and compare their prices. It’s advisable to reference the online RRP (Recommended Retail Price). 

The cut from the market price is the only way to tell if a deal is a deal. Additionally, remember to factor in shipping costs for a comprehensive evaluation.

Your Bargain, Your Call

With these tips and tricks, your Black Friday deal hunt is poised for success. However, the ultimate decision on what deal is valuable and how much you will spend this Black Friday rests with you. Ensure you shop online on reputable websites for a secure and satisfying experience.

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