Zonbase Reviews: The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Seller Tools

Are you planning to use the Amazon research tool Zonbase? Well, if yes then you have come to just the right place as here we are going to give you Zonbase reviews that will make you understand the tool better.

So, without further delay, let’s get started with the Zonbase reviews below.

Zonbase Reviews As Amazon Product Research Tools

Zonbase has a product research toolset that provides you with every insight you need so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your product research on Amazon. Here are the tools offered by Zonbase for Amazon product research:

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension of Zonbase is Zonbase’s mini version that users can add to their browsers. It’s an excellent feature to avoid being burdened with too much info or for the user’s on-the-go analysis.

Rather than opening many tabs, users can simply use this Chrome extension and access ZonBase information directly from the search results page of Amazon. Here, you can find the following details

  • Average monthly income
  • History of search volume (trend)
  • Average monthly sold units
  • Rank for best sellers
  • Calculated search volume
  • Average price per unit
  • Average reviews
  • Smart score (to give you a vivid idea of how your competitors have optimized their product listing)


it’s a feature for product research that allows you to identify profitable Amazon products. Zonresearch uses Amazon’s details to analyze more than 353 million Amazon products and 2 million third-party Amazon sellers. Also, it has a suitable search filtering option that helps users to identify products with the following:

  • Low Competition: Finding a product with low competition help you gain more in less time
  • High Demand: It is always recommended to choose a product that has high demand on the market. Unless there is demand for the product, you get less chance of making a profit out of it
  • Good profit margin: This tool also help you find a product that has a good profit margin.

Sales Estimator

The Sales Estimator from ZonBase makes things easy for users to estimate the product’s ASIN’s accurately to get the figures of average monthly sales. It helps you find pricing, sale levels, and also other insights into your competitors.

With this detail, users can decide exactly which product they should launch on Amazon for better profit.

Hot Products

This tool from Zonbase tool provides you with the most trending Amazon product’s up-to-date list. It’s convenient to identify products on Amazon that are rising in popularity, however, remain unsaturated.

Zonbase Reviews As Sales Optimization Tools

The ZonBase tool offers many tools for sales optimization to help users maximize their online sales. So, here are the Sales Optimization tools from Zonbase.

Reverse ASIN

Zonbase’s Reverse ASIN is like maintaining an inside advantage in the competitive marketplace of Amazon. It allows you to do the following:

  • Spy on the keyword strategy of your competitors.
  • Check what works for your competitors
  • Outrank your competitors

Searches of Reverse ASIN are good for uncovering the most advantageous long-tail keywords users may have missed.

Keyword Tool

ZonBase’s Keywords Tool is a valuable resource for sellers on Amazon who wish to stand out on the maximum visited online web property in the U.S.! The more buyers you can attract from a search on Amazon, the better it will be.

Users can select keywords with large search traffic, little competition, and the option to add or omit certain words thanks to its sophisticated filters. Each keyword also includes a “Smart Score” to assist you determine which has a greater probability to be successful.

Users can utilize this tool to learn more about their target market and the tactics of their rivals. You’ll be able to succeed with SEO and PPC advertisements on Amazon if you have this understanding.

Zonbase Reviews As Listing Optimization Tool

The Zonbase tool also offers Product listing optimization tools for its users. Here are the tools for Listing Optimization from Zonbase:

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Zonbase’s Listify makes developing an optimized listing easy. As soon as a field is occupied with a list of keywords, this identifies the keywords you have utilized and provides you with an outline of the places in which they’re included.

Thus, users can ensure that all their high-ranking keywords are a vital part of the Amazon product listing, as well as your potential buyers will find them more easily.

Users of this tool can use it to learn more about the strategy of their competitors and the market they’re targeting. Understanding this can help you make the most of Amazon’s PPC and SEO campaigns.

Zonbase Reviews As Done-For-You Service

ZonBase does provide a few done-for-you services as an addition to the program.

Product Validator Tool

The product validator tool from Zonbase is among the done-for-you services provided by Zonbase that analyze the product you choose for Amazon FBA. Their team swears to be professionals at choosing products that provide you with a “green light” before investing in a product in bulk. It helps you with the following:

  • Selecting a prohibited product (because of a wide range of reasons like HAZMAT)
  • Selecting a saturated product
  • Funding for a product with consequential demand

You will have to pay around $397 to get this service from Zonbase.

Photo Enhancer

Users get a complete photo service from Zonbase that helps users set the best images for their product listings. At $647 for 5 photos (for 1 ASIN), this’s among the most expensive alternatives from ZonBase. So, you can consider other tools like Fiverr.

Product Listing Optimizer

The Product Listing Optimizer swears to manage all product listing optimizations of the user. This service includes complete research on high-volume keywords, informative descriptions, titles, and also bullet points that attracts potential buyers.

With packages from $397-$647, this service does cost you a premium.


Although there are some bad Zonbase reviews on the internet but not all are true. Like any other tool, Zonbase has some issues, but that does not mean it is a fraud tool. So, without trusting the internet blindly, we recommend you try the tool yourself to know the truth yourself!

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