10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites 

It can be a nerve-racking and frustrating experience when an unknown number suddenly calls you and you have no way of finding out who is on the other end of that call. It is possible that it could be someone you know just using a new number, but in some cases, it could be scammers looking for ways to steal your hard-earned money. 

Either way, it pays to be aware of who you are talking to, and luckily, with the help of a reverse phone lookup service, identifying a caller has never been easier. These lookup sites are created to instantly pull information from publicly available databases, like white pages, phone directories, and even social media accounts that are directly associated with that particular number. 

As such, we put together the top 10 best reverse lookup sites that you can use today to quickly identify any caller within seconds and get the peace of mind that you sorely need. Here are the top 4 picks:

  1. NumLooker – Generates detailed background reports on any caller almost instantly
  2. US Phone Lookup – Produces extremely fast results for basic background searches
  3. CocoFinder – Most popular phone search platform with advanced search filtering features
  4. US Phone Search – Has access to multiple public and government databases for accurate search results

1. NumLooker 

NumLooker is a top choice for those looking for a number search tool that can quickly provide them with basic information about the unknown caller with just one click, whether they happen to be using a cellphone, VOIP, or landline. 

And the added benefit of this service is that the process is fairly straightforward, as the site’s home page provides users with an easy-to-use reverse phone search engine that provides any personal information about the caller that can help you quickly identify them. 

On top of that, some parts of the service are also completely free, and it even allows you to conduct searches based on other parameters such as email lookup, address lookup, and even people search. 

Plus, with NumLooker, you can opt in to be notified whenever any new information is added to an individual’s report, as the platform’s database is constantly being updated. The only downside is that, on some occasions, the website can take longer than usual to produce the information you are seeking.

Use NumLooker to gather background information on any caller now!

2. US Phone Lookup

US Phone Lookup is a reverse phone lookup service that provides users with the ability to gather detailed background information on a caller, such as email addresses, residential addresses, and more, without any additional charge or trace. The results provided using this platform are also incredibly transparent and legit, as they are all gathered from publicly available sources such as social media accounts, phone directories, and listings. 

Moreover, the service may even provide information on a caller’s employment history or criminal history by scanning government databases. Aside from that, the website makes use of high-end encryption protocols, which means that any reverse phone lookup conducted via US Phone Lookup remains completely anonymous. 

The interface is also extremely straightforward to use, so anyone can quickly and easily enter a phone number and find its owner’s name. Apart from a reverse number search, the service also allows you to conduct different background searches, such as an address lookup, a people search, and even a public records search. The only downside to using this platform is that it is only available for background searches carried out on US numbers.

Take advantage of US Phone Lookup for an easy number search!

3. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is one of the top reverse phone lookup platforms in the market, with its level of popularity largely driven by the fact that it reliably provides users with detailed reports on their caller’s name, home address, email address, associated social media profiles, and even acquaintances. 

The service also features a background check feature that allows you to conduct an in-depth search into an individual’s employment, criminal, and address histories. However, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of information you will be able to get will usually depend on the caller’s digital footprint. Aside from that, the platform utilizes next-generation search technology to generate results in just a matter of minutes. 

CocoFinder also comes with a unique advanced filtering feature that makes it easier for you to streamline and narrow down your search. And while it doesn’t come with an app, it is extremely well optimized for use on mobile, which allows you to conduct a number search at any time or from anywhere. The only downside of using this service is that it is only available in the US.

Conduct a detailed phone number search using CocoFinder now!

4. US Phone Search

Whether the unknown caller is using a mobile phone, VOIP, or landline, US Phone Search is a free reverse phone lookup that compiles detailed background reports of unknown callers by sorting through millions of online public records, both government and non-government sources, in order to generate details of the person such as their name, address, dating profiles, social media accounts, employment records, etc. 

The service also comes linked to multiple cell phone carriers and data bank sites, which means that you can even track their location history and close acquaintances in a few minutes. The end result is that you can always expect to receive reliable data reports that are both up-to-date and comprehensive. 

The only problem is that it can be difficult to conduct a reverse lookup search on international numbers, as the service is primarily designed to pull results from US sources.

Determine who’s behind that unknown number by using US Phone Search!

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is probably the most well-known phone number lookup service on this list, with a number of corporate brands like AT&T also recommending their customers use Spokeo to identify unknown callers. The platform has a highly intuitive search engine that does a great job of running through millions of public records to check a phone number and retrieve the person’s name, social accounts, email, and home address in seconds. 

It also provides extra information on them, like their educational background, marriage status, and criminal history. Apart from tracking a phone number, Spokeo can even be used to reconnect with old friends, family members, and business partners. The platform also allows users to request that their own personal background information be removed from the site, which means you can easily minimize your digital footprint should you decide to do so. 

The only problem is that the platform is not as user-friendly as some of the other reverse lookup services on this list and its database isn’t constantly updated on a regular basis, so it may not provide you with all the information you may be looking for on an unknown caller.

Execute an instant phone number search with Spokeo!

6. TheNumberLookup

TheNumberLookup is a reverse phone lookup tool that makes it easy for users to quickly identify any phone number, owner, and details tied to them, like their social accounts, email address, and even physical address. The company has a strong reputation for making use of different algorithms to retrieve data from numerous public databases. 

This means that you can easily unravel the caller’s identity and know if they are a marketer based on details like their employer’s name, and then filter out any insistent calls from your allowed callers list should you deem it necessary. 

The service is also completely free, and it only takes seconds for the search engine to produce results for your intended target. The only downside is that the platform is still relatively new, so its database is not as extensive as some of the other options on this list.

Get quick insights on your caller by using TheNumberLookup today!

7. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers users access to one of the largest phone number lookup databases in the market, as it is linked to numerous public databases and state agencies, which means that almost any phone number or landline that is registered on a public record is traceable using this platform. The search engine also provides thorough reports that do well to break down the caller’s name, age, birthdate, social media accounts, email addresses, home addresses, and more. 

In fact, Instant Checkmate is also able to showcase criminal record results sourced from federal databases, which makes it a reliable platform to depend on for up-to-date background information. Aside from that, the site’s user interface is designed to be very easy to navigate. Plus, the system is also able to compile all background reports into a downloadable PDF for later reference. 

Similar to CocoFinder, it features advanced filtering tools that allow you to easily narrow your search, with the only issue being that its search engine is limited to US-only searches and its query processing speed is not as fast as some of the other options on this list.

Quickly identify any unknown caller via Instant Checkmate today!

8. NumberLookup

NumberLookup is a great tool for identifying scam calls, verifying unknown numbers, or even reconnecting with old friends and family, as the website provides an easy-to-use web interface and search engine that generates comprehensive reports according to your needs. NumberLookup also does well to maintain complete privacy protection, as every search you conduct is neither recorded nor tracked. 

On top of that, NumberLookup provides 24/7 customer support, which makes it easy for first-time users to reach out for help should they have any questions. Aside from that, all reports generated from its database are accurate, as the company makes sure that it constantly updates its records to provide you with information that is relevant.

Demystify any unknown numbers calling you with NumberLookup!

9. What Is This Number

If you’re looking to find out the name of whoever is calling you before picking up the phone, What Is This Number is a great option to consider, as it offers a simple and straightforward search engine that accesses thousands of public databases instantly before loading the background results in less than 5 minutes. 

Also, given that the UI interface is pretty simplistic, this means that you don’t have to worry about any long navigation processes on the website either, as all you need to do is simply input the phone number and click the search button before receiving the target’s personal information very quickly. The only downside is that the service’s reach is limited, which means that there are times when the number search may not return any results, especially if the caller has a low digital footprint.

Reveal the identity of any unknown caller via What Is This Number!

10. PhoneNumberLookupFree

PhoneNumberLookupFree allows users to easily conduct a free reverse phone lookup and identify the owner of a phone number by sifting through tons of public data in order to find information that is related to that number. This in turn makes it easy to uncover details on the unknown caller such as their name, address, social accounts, and even their financial details like estimated income, etc. 

However, the biggest benefit of using PhoneNumberLookupFree is that it does an effective job of instantly scanning multiple public databases and returning any useful information, thereby handling all the heavy lifting for you. You can even filter out the results to pinpoint the exact details you are looking for without the owner of the number ever knowing about the search.

Utilize PhoneNumberLookupFree to conduct a free reverse number lookup!


There is nothing more irritating than having to regularly deal with unsolicited calls from unknown numbers. In some cases, you may even find yourself having to deal with calls late at night or from foreign or unusual numbers, which only ends up disrupting your peace of mind. However, you can easily use any one of these phone number lookup services to instantly identify the caller and, if necessary, gather enough background information to report the caller to the relevant authorities.

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