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Gazelle Edge Guidelines

If you are a fitness freak, or if you need some exercises to lose that extra fat from your body, then there are various ways of doing it. If you go about looking for exercising equipment that would help to get back in shape or develop your body muscles then there are plenty of options […]

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Perfumed water Belle d’Opium eau de Parfum from YSL – launched in August 2010

Sensational cult classic, exotic oriental spicy masterpiece “Opium” , created by perfumers (Jean Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac) for the House Yves Sain Laurent in 1977 and won the fame of one of the most coveted fragrances in the history of women’s perfumes, 33 years later the next reincarnation. Perfume Belle d’Opium (Beautiful Drug) is the […]

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Learning disabilities caused by weak cognitive skills

There are many people who are found to be affected by learning disabilities in his/her day to day life. Such disorders tend to include dyscalculia (which is impairment with the ability to solve mathematical problems), dyslexia (impairment related to comprehending and recognizing written words), dyspraxia (coordination problems with motor skills), and dysgraphia (writing inability) as […]

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Benefits of Seven Chakras of Human Body

Recognizing our chakras we can distinguish in what evolutionary level we are, making our consciousness of rationality rise in our body of light. Most people do not know where their energy centers are located or what this topic is about. The word chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, being this the term that denominates the energetic […]