10 Golden Tips for IAS Preparation

Every year over 10 lakh aspirants from across India apply for various Civil Services examinations for vacancies of around 1000 positions. The vast difference between vacancies and applicants makes it one of the most competitive exams in the country.

Indian Administrative Service i.e. IAS exams is the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. It is an offline exam with a prescribed age limit from 21 to 32 years. Here are some golden tips for students preparing to appear in IAS examination.

  1. Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus.

For successfully cracking any exam we need complete information about what shall be asked and how are the questions categorised. IAS exams are conducted in three phases

  • I: Preliminary Examination (Prelims)
  • II: Mains Examination (Mains)
  • III: UPSC Personality Test (Interview)

For success study each subject in each paper of all three phases of the IAS exam. The syllabus provides with a proper direction to work on.

  1. Complete dedication and hard work.

Irrespective of your educational background, social status, age, etc. the IAS exams provide an equal and impartial platform for success. All that you need for success is commitment and perseverance. Being good is just not enough. You have to give complete dedication and work hard for cracking the exams. 

  1. Understanding the importance of mock tests, and past year papers.

Understanding each problem and being able to solve them all is not enough. You must be able to solve them all within a set time frame in the tense exam room environment. Mock tests and past year exam papers can help you with time management. These practise exams also help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Work on your weaknesses

Any aspect of the exam is not impossible to crack. We all have weaknesses and they can be won over by hard work. Start with easy questions and slowly work towards harder questions. Ask for guidance and go through different books to get an in-depth understanding.

  1. Never neglect your strengths

Regularly practice each part of the exam. Neglect will make you slow in sections that were once your strength.

  1. Practice writing descriptive answers

A large section of the IAS exam is all about writing good and detailed answers. In order to write good answers, we need knowledge as well as writing skills. Good content laid out poorly is equal to any other bad answer. Practice your grammar and learn to layout the information through well-connected and enlightening manner.

  1. Rely on only authentic sources for information

Refer to newspapers, standard text books and magazines for authentic information on current issues and relevant content. Read them regularly and keep yourself up-to-date for any question in the exam. You can also read more about relevant topics on websites dedicated especially for Civil Service aspirants. 

  1. Get IAS preparation tips from toppers

Several magazines and online platforms offer interviews from past IAS toppers. These interviews motivate students and provide them with preparatory tips.

  1. Get online

A large number of YouTube channels, and websites offer exclusive standard material for aspirants to study from. Reader buzz is one outstanding online platform dedicated towards providing updated and relevant information to aspirants of various competitive exams. Aspirants can visit the website for personality development tips, current affairs, essays, and topper interviews. Aspirants can also visit here for updates on upcoming exams and schedule. 

  1. Make short Self-Notes for quick revision

Revision is the one aspect that will seal your success. Short notes made while studying will make it easy to revise the complete and exhausting syllabus in a shorter span of time.