10 office design tips for your office

10 office design tips for your office

You have decided to start an office or to improve an existing one or may be shifting your office to a new place. Now the most difficult phase comes, the designing phase.

You must plan the design while keeping in mind that new ideas should not be very time consuming or expensive while remembering the fact that your office should be a place of motivation and inspiration, it should inspire innovation, conversation, teamwork and make you feel comfortable enough to be creative.

There are lots of office furniture manufacturer in the market with a wide range of layouts and office furniture  like the shop that offers world-class office chairs San Diego. When it’s about designing an office, several things need to be considered such as lighting, furniture, space management, desk arrangements, the list goes on and on.


The office is a second home for employees, so before moving inside the office selecting a location is important. While selecting the location to keep in mind the traffic flow and your ability to survive distractions.

If your client visits office regularly, be selective of the location and make a private space reserved for them with ample seating arrangements.

Managing Space.

Space management is a key, it doesn’t matter how big or small space you have, what matters more is the way you manage space. You have invested a lot in the property so every inch matter, that’s why managing space is so important. First of all, calculate how many employees you have, how much space you need for pantry, cabins etc.

For employees, try to opt for an open layout plan, it will help you in utilizing maximum space while giving your employees more room for collaboration, team-work and they can freely move around. While designing, make sure to keep enough open space so that in case of emergency people can exit the office and building quickly.


Furniture is important, so invest well in furniture because you can cut down on anything but not in comfort. If you will do the cost-cutting in furniture, it can impact the health of the employee and lead to the lack of inspiration in office resulting in low productivity. Your employees have to sit in chairs for the entire day, so it’s the basic need of an employee to have comfortable Herman miller ergonomic chairs. Chairs can be stylish but more importantly, they should be comfortable.

Also, you can select a different type of furniture’s for employees, conference room and pantry, also choose the desks or cabinets with extra storage capacity. Choose wisely keeping the budget and comfort in mind as there are lots of office furniture manufacturer in the market to confuse you.

Take care of the lighting

Nothing can be better than a bright, airy environment of the office and it is proven that the office with more natural light makes people happier and more productive.

Natural lights bring positive energy while saving the electricity, so allow windows to brighten your office and let in the fresh air. If the natural light is not enough, then CFL and LED should be well placed.

Consider glass office partitions

Offices are considering it very seriously and its in a trend which gives a good environment to office. Many offices in the world are considering the fact the more glass, the better it looks.

Even it’s a great idea to maximize the use of space while keeping the privacy as well as maximizing the amount of natural lighting coming in the office.


The reception is the first thing everyone notices while entering the office, it should be impressive and spacious, Afterall “first impression is the last impression” and it sets a picture of the company in minds of a visitor.

Use designer notice boards, few indoor plants, good lighting and most important keep it clean.

Conference Room

After reception comes conference rooms, it should have enough seating capacity as per your requirement, proper projector connection, bright enough as compare to the size of the room, so that everyone can view and understand the presentations easily. The things to keep in mind while designing a conference room is, it should be comfortable, spacious, and Technically powered.

Always Leave some extra space:

If possible and if your space allows, always leave some space for recreational activities. An element of fun is important to lighten the environment and to cope up with the hectic schedule of the office. A pool table or table tennis can help.

Have an open space with stylish chairs, couch, few indoor games such as Ludo, Carom etc. where people can relax for a while and regain the energy, paint it bright to give it a lively look. You can also include a gym area to give your employee an extra treat.

Add a few Indoor plants.

The key features in a modern office environment focus on enhancing the experience for employees, it is important to assure that an office is a place where they want to spend their time.

So, it becomes the responsibility of an employer to achieve that level of satisfaction. Indoor plants help in achieving that satisfaction. Nature features, interesting arts, paintings, and other elements also make the environment positive while boosting the mood of employees and making them happy.

Overall Ambiance

You have planned a part of your office lavishly but forgotten about another, it will not work. Plan and design your entire office in one theme, in a unified look using similar wood and materials.

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It will give your office an organized look. Just because you find some trendy furniture, which is beautiful but are totally mismatched will not suit the bill, the theme should be matching throughout the office.  Also, keep in mind that it’s an office and it should look professional as well as match the mindset of the clients you are serving.

Your office reflects the company’s image. So, whether you are shifting your office to a new location, or making some minor improvements, remember that it can have a major influence on the productivity, satisfaction of employee and the impression on visitors. Be careful in selecting the theme and be creative in designing your office.

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