10 tips for Scoring 140+ in Physics in NEET 2020

NEET Physics is one of the most difficult subjects for biology-based students who are preparing for NEET 2020. Their deficiency in the practice of mathematics makes physics difficult. While both have to work hard to get to any reputable college through NEET, the approach and mode of study are slightly different. We are going to tell you ten such tips, which will help you crack NEET.


1) Clear Concepts

The main thing in physics is to understand the concepts clearly and do nothing. As I already said above, physics has more practical application and numerology than theory. Certainly, the NEET preparation test series will help you in bringing good marks.


2) Practice Numerical

You need to do a lot of numerical exercises on all subjects of physics. As you all will already know that about 80% of Physics papers in NEET are sorted numerically.


3) Work on your timings

Time management is everything in NEET. Without proper time management and using time efficiently, you have not made it even though there are heaps of skills and Knowledge. This is almost impossible without much practice.


4) Cover All The Chapters

All the chapters of NEET syllabus are important for the exam. In NEET Physics, they try to distribute the questions from all the chapters equally. Therefore do not skip any chapters.


5) Follow the right books

NCERT books may seem very easy for questions coming from there, but it is most important that you know outside of your NCERT books before appearing in the exam. For reference, Arihant publication is a safe option. NEET books for both theory and MCQ, Dinesh is also good for medical candidates. The NEET Physics test series will not only help you understand the subject better but will also take your test-taking abilities to new heights.


6) MCQ, MCQ, and MCQ

Mock or multiple choice questions are those in which 4-5 options are given for a question, and one of them is the right answer. Correctly answering such questions is almost a form of art.


7) Make a list

List all the important formulas and also the specific and strange types of problems that you get wrong most of the time. Make a list so that you have to go through the entire book a day before the exam.


8) Follow previous year questions

In order to know the type and pattern of questions coming from the last ten years, it is important to guess what can come in the exam you are going to sit. 


9) Regular Mock Test

Regularly sit for mock test. This will not only help you to gain confidence and overcome your exam fever, but it will also help you know what problems you face during the test so that you can work on solving them. You can prepare well through online practice test NEET


10) Be fearless

Last but not least, be afraid of physics. This is not such a big deal, and you have enough grey matter to deal with physics questions in NEET. Go fearlessly in the examination hall and let your brain work independently without any worries and fears.

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