10 Ways to Use Social Media for Education

These days, almost everyone has a social media account. People use social media for a variety of reasons that can range from communication to entertainment. In this article, we’ll be discussing 10 ways to use social media for education, so sit tight.

10 Ways to Use Social Media for Education

Here are 10 ways you can use social media for education:

1.   Create a Facebook page for the class

By creating a Facebook page for the class, students and teachers can interact after class on school-related matters. A Facebook group can also be used to share updates and assignments, as well as essay writing tips. Students looking for help with their essay assignments might find a free essays database as a useful tool for inspiration. They can use resources like this to draw ideas from and see how quality writing must be done. Sharing academic tips and resources is a great way to stay connected as a class, and can be easily done via social media platforms like Facebook.

2.   Use Instagram for photo essays

For classes that involve the display of visual elements, Instagram can be valuable too. It can be used to teach students digital storytelling in ways other social media platforms lack.

3.   Create a Facebook or WhatsApp group for hosting discussions

Facebook or WhatsApp groups can be a useful way to encourage collaboration among students. Students can discuss solutions to group projects and can also interact with their teachers during holidays.

4.   Livestream lectures using Facebook

Another benefit of social media is connecting with others despite your location. By leveraging Facebook, teachers can broadcast their lectures to students that might be unavailable to attend courses in person.

5.   Use Twitter for a class message board

The 280-character limit for Twitter posts has the advantage of making students deeply consider how best to deliver their point clearly and concisely. In addition, teachers can leverage hashtags to create discussions for the class. As a teacher or student, after getting familiar with social media platforms, you might want to consider ways you can use them for personal branding. It’s not a new concept, but the one that many people are already using for their academic and professional advantage.

6.   Create a blog for the class

Teachers can leverage several platforms such as WordPress and Medium to create a class blog. In addition, students can decide to create their accounts so that they can comment on class updates and participate in discussions. Teachers can also choose to assign blog posts as essay assignments to students.

7.   Create a Pinterest board for the class

Pinterest is a social media platform that teachers can use to organize teaching resources, learning plans, and coursework, all in a central place. You can easily create boards for different classes or subjects and create sub-boards for weekly activities under these boards.

8.   Add links to the school’s website on social media

Through social media posts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, a school can promote its presence online, allowing potential students to see reasons to further their education. Attaching links to the school’s website is a great way to achieve this.

9.   For easy crisis communication

Almost everyone consumes social media. And so, in the case of an emergency, it can be used alongside other means as a great way to reach out to as many people as possible.

10.               Share school events and photos through social media

Prospective students usually like to find out as much as possible about life on campus. By posting school events regularly online, students get the chance to see reasons why they might be interested in going to the particular school,


Social media has many advantages and disadvantages. It’s our responsibility to use it efficiently, and in the right way, that’s why people are deciding to use it for education purposes. As students are very comfortable with social media, it can be an excellent tool for teaching and learning.

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Barbara Fielder is a teacher with experience teaching in the public education system as well as online, so she is very knowledgeable of various academic themes. She enjoys volunteering for community activities and is an avid reader of spy novels. When she isn’t teaching, she spends her time writing educative articles.