13 Types of Containers for Shipping Goods

The shipping industry is a big business with many different types of containers. Various industries involved in moving goods, both on and off the land, often rely on such containers to safely hold their goods. These are built especially for their respective functions, differing in materials and designs.

With that said, here’s a quick rundown of the most common types to help you make an informed decision when searching for a container to ship your goods: Storage containers in New York.

1. Car Carriers

These containers are used to transport cars and have wide mouths, allowing vehicles to fit without getting scratched or damaged. Car carriers have collapsible sides that help fit the cargo inside without damaging the cars. In addition, for more information about vehicle professionals and car carrier experts you can check Professional Car Carrier whose an experience in the vehicle transportation business. Container Unloading Brisbane & Packing Services are the container demurrage management team you require, located in Brisbane, for your operation. We give the best solution that is tailored to your needs, supported by top-notch training and cutting-edge technologies.

This type is generally made of steel or aluminum and has many safety features to ship vehicles safely.

2. Cargo Storage Roll Container

A cargo storage roll container is a type of container that is used to store cargo. It’s made of thick and robust wire mesh to balance the cargo it carries. It’s also designed with rollers that enable it to move easier, and it has a double door. The structure accommodates large loads, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications like transporting steel or other industrial materials. In order to get shipping cost and hassle free shipping it is mandatory to ensure volume or weight shipping item. Shipping scale are designed for weighing platforms to ensure that your operations can run as efficiently as possible.

3. Double Doors Container

Double doors are a great choice for shipping large or heavy items. They have a larger opening, allowing you to load and unload materials without damaging the goods or scratching your container. This type is often used when shipping heavy machinery or parts that require careful handling, such as power tools and medical equipment Mettler Toledo ICS445k-3XS/f vs. Arlyn SAW-PX.

4. Drums

Drums are cylindrical containers made of steel or hard plastic. They’re used to store chemicals, food, and other liquids, and such materials can hold liquids safely. Drums can also be made from lightweight metals and fiber. However, they’re smaller, though they still take up a lot of space, owing to their shape.

5. Dry Storage Container

These are the most common type of containers, often used to store dry goods. Dry storage containers have four walls and a door on one end covered with a metal cover (which may also include ventilation holes).

6. Flat Rack Container

Flat racks are used for shipping heavy machinery and equipment. They have collapsible sides that allow them to be stacked on top. This allows you to store goods with bulkier dimensions since the containers can be folded.

7. Half-Height Containers

Half-height containers transport coal, which must be stored in a warehouse for a long time. They’re made of steel, which means they can withstand weight and pressure when transporting goods across oceans or continents.

These make an excellent choice for goods that need to be stored in a warehouse for a long time because it protects from damage during transportation and storage

8. Insulated Or Thermal Containers

An insulated container is a type of container that regulates temperature levels inside. These containers can be used for storage or transport, and they have temperature control features to keep temperatures high while keeping the goods inside at their optimal level.

Insulated containers are usually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) but may also be made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If you want a choice that is friendly to the environment, choose one made with recycled materials!

9. Open-Side Storage Container

An open side storage container is a great option for shipping large goods. It’s ideal for items like pallets, wood, or other heavy objects that need more space than a standard box can provide. This type of container has doors on either end and wide openings in the middle so you can easily move around your merchandise without hitting any walls.

Open-side containers are similar to double doors, with a wide entrance to allow easy access when loading and offloading cargo!

10.  Open top Container

Open-top containers are used to transport goods that are not sensitive to dust. These containers have an open top, allowing you to lift the lid and check on your shipment without removing any panels or lids. The removable roofs give you more room in the container itself, so even if you’re transporting something massive (like a piano), there will still be enough space for everything else inside!

Open-top containers are also great for transporting bulk materials such as sand and cement because they allow easy access from below while keeping sensitive items outside harm’s way.

11. Refrigerated ISO Container

Refrigerated ISO containers are used for shipping perishables, medicines, and other sensitive goods. They can be used for short or long-term storage and keep the goods cool for a long time. These containers are ideal for transporting goods to remote areas because they are insulated and have a low thermal mass, making them ideal for cold weather conditions.

These models are highly specialized, and you can check out SCF shipping containers to see which one would work for you. They come in various sizes and forms based on your needs:

  • Large rectangular boxes with vent holes at one end (called ‘refrigerated boxes’)
  • Long rectangular boxes with a sliding lid (called ‘retort lids’)

12. Special Purpose Containers

Special-purpose containers are custom-made for specialized purposes like transporting weapons and arson equipment. The construction of special purpose containers is made to prioritize safety while in transit, and they’re designed with features such as:

1. Secured doors can be locked or unlocked depending on the contents of each container (for example, if there’s anything sensitive inside).

2. Strong hinges on the lid, so it doesn’t come off easily when opened by mistake (and therefore doesn’t cause any damage).

13. Tunnel Container

A tunnel container is a large box with openings at both ends, forming a “tunnel.” It’s used to transport heavy goods, such as tools or machinery.

Tunnel containers are usually rectangular and can be stacked on pallets or other equipment, allowing them to be easily transported by truck or train. They may also be stackable if designed for use in warehouses with high ceilings (for example, 5′ high).


Using shipping containers to transport your goods is highly recommended. They offer a safe and secure way to transport your cargo from one place to another and allow you to load and unload while on the road. The different shipping containers available today will meet every need when it comes time to ship items across oceans or towns!

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