15 Easy Hair Styling Ideas for Your Curly Hair

Whether you are born with naturally curly hair or you’re able to take advantage of natural hair styling tools to achieve beautiful ringlets, curls are undoubtedly beautiful and more versatile than you think. The secret lies in the hair styling products you use and the hairstyle you want to achieve.

You probably are inspired to start styling your curly hair, but before you do so, check out these easy hair styling ideas perfect for every curly-haired girl.

1. Deep Side Part

The trick for the deep side part hairstyle is to have hair that is long enough so that the swooshed part does not stick out to the other side. When done correctly, it should blend with your mane.

2. Brunch Bun

Use a curling iron to tighten your waves, then tie them all into a bun. And then, hide your hair tie using a floral scarf and your brunch bun should be all set to make a grand entrance at the party.

3. Pinned Back

Level up and add a bit of bounce using the best hair care products for your curly hair. For an illusion of volume, pin it back using some Bobby pins.

4. Quick-and-Easy Snatched Ponytail

To slick down your hair while spraying your favorite hair spray, use your preferred finishing cream. Next, brush your mane into a snatched ponytail. Let your curls air dry before fluffing them with your comb. You’ll be surprised with the instant volume you create.

5. The Pineapple-Inspired Updo

This hairstyle is every curly-haired girl’s on-the go look. It only requires equal parts of high bun and some equal parts that are undone. Leave some strands in front for a flirty feel.

6. Beautiful Ribbons

One way to tame those stubborn curls is to tie them up into a bubble ponytail. And for a chic look, use some graphic ribbons.

7. Micro Braid

Micro Braid Hairstyle

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Who knew braids would look great on curls? Glaze your curly braid with a piece of anti-frizz sheet for an instant shine.

8. Air Dried Curls

This hairstyle is so easy to whip up. Air dry your curls first and then add a dollop of your favorite texturizing foam or any lightweight foam that keeps your curls intact the whole day.

9. Ombre Layered Curls

Do you know what else you can do to add structure and beauty to your layered curls? Opt for an ombre hair color. Your curls should then blossom and shine!

10. Braided Top Knot

To achieve this look, put half of your mane up and adorn it with any classy tie.

11. Easy-Breezy Date Night Look

Just let your curls down, but make sure to massage an ample amount of natural oils from your mid-lengths to the ends.

12. Wavy Half Up Curls

Spritz your favorite wave spray to your curly strands and then fashion them up into a baby bun.

13. Short-Layered Bob

Do you know Alicia Keys? If so, then you can take inspiration from her hairstyle. Go for a short-layered bob and create subtle bangs for an afro-inspired look.

14. Shaggy Layers

For a girl-next-door look, then this style is a must try. First, add layers to your curls and finish off with some curly front bangs that fall right at the brows.

15. Stepped Layers

If you have bouncy curls, you can check out this hairstyle. It gives your curls enough space to bounce around without you worrying. To add a mysterious vibe, swoop your curls down on one side.

What is your favorite among these hairstyles?