15 Types Of Different Ribbons

Since ancient times, the ribbon has been around and continues to be popular to date because it just cannot go out of fashion. It can be used for various purposes like decorating, gift wrapping, and making clothes look glamorous. In this article, we will discuss the different types of ribbons available in markets today so that you know exactly which one to buy when you are shopping for one.

1. Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon has a luxurious, soft texture that can make it symbolic of elegance. Velvet ribbon is a classic winter trim, perfect for those cooler occasions.

2. Grosgrain Ribbon

With its durable blend of fibers, the Grosgrain ribbon is a favorite among the crafting world and can be used in all kinds of craft projects. The stiffness of the grosgrain ribbon makes it suitable to craft with ribbon and for sewing projects. With its wide variety of colors, this ribbon is perfect for trying many different styles of presents. Grosgrain ribbon has nicely spaced ridges.

3. Satin Ribbon

This ribbon is a favorite among crafters and can be found in hundreds of colors. Satin ribbon is a favorite for most craft projects and comes in many different colors.

The satin ribbon is a favorite of many craft projects and comes in just about every color imaginable. The variety is unlimited, and the satin ribbon is smooth, shiny, and easy to tie. Satin ribbon can be single faced, printed on one side, or double-faced.

4. Burlap Ribbon

Burlap ribbon is made of jute or hemp and has a coarse texture. It is prevalent for DIY or craft projects or décor looking to add a more natural look—burlap ribbon pairs well with other ribbons like lace or satin.

5. Lace Ribbon

Lace, an elegant ribbon valued for centuries, can be transformed into anything from a beautiful hair accessory to festive decorations. Lace ribbon can be sewn onto handmade clothes or used to make jewelry. Almost any small detail on the lace decoration will highlight its soft appearance.

6. Paper Ribbon

The crinkled paper ribbon is very economical for projects. This material is quickly turned into bows, which make an excellent wrapping option for gifts.

7. Wired Ribbon

Florists love wired ribbons for their versatility. The wire woven around the edges of this ribbon makes it easy to manipulate for any decoration idea. Wired ribbon is a must-have for adding prettiness to flower arrangements, table settings, and more. The wide array of colors will make this ribbon perfect for any application, thanks to its light and easy-to-manipulate weight.

8. Curling Ribbon

Curling ribbons can be crimped or smooth. Crimping and smoothing are two ways to curl it without giving it many loops—the type of ribbon that is ideal for craft projects and scrapbooking projects. Curling ribbon is a necessary addition to any gift as it comes in many colors and adds value.

9. Mesh Ribbon

This fascinating open weave ribbon is the perfect accent for all kinds of décor. It is easy to tie and adds volume to bows, wreaths, and other types of decorations. Mesh ribbon is a cheerful way to create table décor and seasonal wreaths at Christmas time.

10. Brocade Ribbon

Another type of decorative ribbon is brocade. Brocade ribbon is a fancy type of ribbon, rarely seen in less formal settings. It is designed to suit heavier fabrics and often has a gold or silver thread running through it. Brocade ribbon commonly adorns special items like hatbands and other accessories.

11. Tulle Ribbon

The light and airy exterior of tulle ribbons make it a great addition to use in areas where fantasy is desired. The versatile material can be layered and doubled up into large, soft bows. Some wedding venues and bride’s bouquets look elegant with the addition of tulle ribbon.

12. Glitter Ribbon

Fabric glitter ribbons are often used for clothing and hair accessories, mainly because of the shine. The glitter threads make the ribbon stiff enough to sew with a sewing machine, but usually, it is flexible enough. Glitter ribbon tends to be a little scratchy, so it’s essential to use it strategically. You may find that ribbons like velvet, grosgrain, satin, and burlap are comfortable when you wear them.

13. Raffia Ribbon

Raffia is also a natural fiber ribbon. It is often used for decorating gifts, wreaths, and another décor.

14. Taffeta Ribbon

A woven ribbon is made of light, flexible materials such as silk or polyester. Even without wires, they have a crisp texture which makes them stay somewhat shape. Silk taffeta ribbons are the most decorative, but they are hard to find. Rayon taffeta ribbons are popular because they are soft and pretty.

15. Jacquard Ribbon

This durable ribbon was named after the 19th-century weaver Jacquard. Ribbons are unique in that they have the same design on both sides, only with different colors. Jacquard ribbons are high-quality and attractive for decorating.


It is good to know about the different types of ribbons available in today’s market and their uses. This will help you make a better decision when purchasing your next one for your craft project or special occasion.

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