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1stdibs vs Singulart

Being a professional artist requires more than producing stunning work. It entails being aware of the specific needs for transporting art. Understanding of how to price art products and develop an audience. It entails adopting an entrepreneurial mind-set.

There are now more options than ever for sharing and making money. Earning money off of your artwork on the internet, regardless of your background. Background might be a professional photographer, graphic designer, or experimental artist.

There are various online marketplaces where you can sell your artwork. You can sell it as an independent artist, including Creative Market, Instagram, Singulart, 1stdibs, and your own website.

About 1stdibs

It is a unique online marketplace. 1stDibs introduces design enthusiasts to over a million exceptional products. It is Ranging from jewellery and fashion to fine art and furniture. Our listings come from a global network of reliable sellers. Those have undergone a rigorous screening process conducted it.

Their best-in-class platform lets customers contact with vendors. It  includes item inquiries, price negotiations, and customisation requests. Customers may also buy from sellers, negotiate a price, or bid on products at auction.

Pros of 1stdibs

  • 1stdibs offers a guarantee of authenticity and provenance for the items it sells. That is one of its values to both buyers and sellers.
  • No individuals may list things; only authorised dealers may do so. Additionally, a dealer must pass a thorough application.
  • Application is a part of the screening process to be listed. On the supply side, we have very strict standards.
  • For home décor and furniture 1stdibs is best. It sells jewellery, art, antique clothing, and now modern artisan design.
  • 1stdbibs has expanded to include modern designers and craftspeople.

About Singulart

A Parisian startup called Singulart provides a venue for online art sales. To being a location to find and explore art from carefully chosen artists worldwide. They give artists a mechanism to independently oversee the selling of their creations.

Potential customers can refine their search using a variety of criteria on SINGULART. To sift through this enormous assortment. Users must specify the type of media they are looking for. Selecting from “miscellaneous,” paintings, sculptures, photos, drawings, or works on paper. They can then refine their search based on price, size, and  orientation. Searching based on genre, place of origin, and even the most popular colour scheme can help.

SINGULART’s extensive selection and robust search feature almost ensure that clients. It ensure that will discover a piece of art that is ideal for their area. The business also takes care of shipping and framing.

Five years after its founding, SINGULART remains true to its gender equity tenet. Around 49 percent of its collaborating artists are female. It’s compared to 11 percent in physical galleries across the globe. To exhibit on the platform, an artist must first be approved for a SINGULART account. Launched in 2021, balthasart. SINGULART’s sibling site is more inclusive, enabling any artist residing in the EU to upload their work.

Pros of Singulart

  • Singulart is an online gallery that captures the essence of visiting a gallery. All thanks to its carefully chosen collections and passionate professionals.
  • Because each artist utilising Singulart must receive approval before showcasing their work. The calibre of the work is higher. Anyone can upload their work and set a price on several other websites that sell art.
  • This means that it may be challenging to locate reliable dealers. It is difficult to locate without outstanding portfolios. However, there’s a greater chance of discovering something you enjoy using Singulart.
  • Singulart provides a platform for collectors to get in touch with artists.
  • To build relationships with artist. Singulart, you can be certain that the artists have some sort of reputation. Even though there are no guarantees when it comes to art collections.
  • One gets the impression that Singulart truly appreciates art. As, the company takes the time to carefully consider each piece.
  • The collections are obviously selected with a professional eye and are arranged neatly. It’s fun to browse the website. Both collectors and aficionados will be drawn to the fascinating variety.

1stdibs vs Singulart

  • While Singulart offers flexible payment options, including bank transfers. 1stdibs only accepts credit card and PayPal payments.
  • Singulart Tasks requires customers to get in touch with the artist. They ask to connect to artist for returns or refunds. 1stdibs offers a fair return policy, with reimbursements possible within 14 days.
  • Regarding shipping, First Dibs is more global than Singulart. It offering options for customers all over the world. On the other hand, 1stdibs only sends paintings within Europe.
  • Singulart concentrates on expensive items, while 1stdibs offers a large selection of prices.
  • Singulart sells modern art by up-and-coming artists. 1stdibs offers a wide range of antiques, furniture, lighting, and artwork from all around the world.
  • 1stdibs provides various services, including as curation and appraisals. While, Singulart offers free consultations to assist purchasers select the appropriate artwork.


One of 1stdibs’ values to both sellers and buyers is that it guarantees the authenticity. It values provenance of the products it sells. Only authorised merchants may list items; individuals are not permitted to do so. Singulart is a place to browse and enjoy art. From hand-picked artists worldwide, as well as a platform for online art transactions. They also provide artists with an independent way to manage the sales of their works.

These websites provide excellent possibilities for online antique and collectible purchases. All things considered, art enthusiasts wishing to buy and invest in exquisite pieces. Art have distinctive possibilities with 1stdibs and Singulart. While choosing the ideal platform, customers should take their needs into consideration. As each has advantages and disadvantages.


  1. What is the commission that SINGULART charges?

The artist is compensated after the buyer receives the artwork. Depending on the artist’s level of recognition. SINGULART keeps between 30 and 50 percent of the total price as commission.

  1. Which online art marketplace is the best?

The biggest online art marketplace is called Artfinder.

  1. Is selling art online profitable?

Even if it’s not a material good, art can nonetheless be profitable. Digital art files are traded on e-commerce platforms. Also, stock photo websites by the second.

  1. Where can I quickly sell my artwork?

You can integrate internet marketplaces such as Etsy, Singulart, 1stdibs, Amazon, or eBay. With your own online store to increase sales and expand your customer base.

  1. Is selling art on Etsy a good idea?

Indeed! Selling artwork on Etsy may be a lucrative full-time endeavour or a pleasant side gig. While some vendors earn hundreds of dollars a month, others only make a few hundred.