3 Angrakha Styling Ideas

Chikankari Angrakha

Angrakha is a unique and elegant piece of garment generally worn by women. It refers to a dress that is similar to a tunic and is attached to its lower full skirt from the waist. The word Angrakha is a derivative of the Sanskrit language which in simple terms means to ‘protect the body’.

With a fitted top and skirt, Angrakha is a popular outfit since it offers great ease and movement comfort to the wearer.

Origin Of Angrakhas

Angrakhas were created in Rajasthan. The land of deserts, scorching heat, and dry weather made people look for outfits that would protect them from the heat and simultaneously offer breathability and comfort. Angrakha was the special outfit created by the people to offer them some respite from the hot weather.

The Angrakhs is an easy-to-wear garment, which is airy, flimsy, and delicate too. The draping style of an Angarkha protected the people from the heat while giving the world of ethnic fashion a style turner.

The versatility of an Angrakha lies in the fact that both men and women wear this garment and it looks equally charming on both. While men pair An Angrakha with a flowy pajama or churidars, women can pair it in multiple ways.

Style Evolution Of Angrakhas:

Even though the basic style or design of an Angrakha is the same, they are now available in various fabrics, designs, and patterns. Chikankari angrakha is a popular Angrakha that is worn by women these days. The combination of Angrakha style with Chikankari embroidery makes it an ideal wear for festivals, get-togethers, parties, or social gatherings.

Here are three major ways in which women pair their Chikankari angrakha  and grab compliments from all sides for their elegance and charm

Short Chikankari Angrakha And Dhoti Set:

For that mix-and-match trendy look, you can pair your elegant knee-length Chikankari angrakha with a dhoti. The classic combination is unique and never fails to grab everyone’s attention. The flowy fabric and comfortable stitch make it appealing to women of all age groups. You can wear the Angrakha dhoti set on every occasion and all day long.

Chikankari Angrakha And Palazzo:

Palazzos have a universal appeal and popularity, Their flowy fabric, comfort, and grace add to the charm of a Chikankari angrakha. You pair your long mulmul fabric Chikankari angrakha with straight palazzos and elevate your style quotient. Pair it with a nice jutti and earrings to complete your look.

Chikankari Angrakha And Sharara:

For that head-turner look you can pair your Chikankari Angrakha with a cotton sharara and make a statement with your dressing style. The timeless combination of an Angrakha and sharara makes a way in everyone’s hearts,

Additionally, Angrakha is now a part of the global fashion industry and is a favourite for fusion wear. They are no longer restricted to Rajasthan or India and have a global appeal. It can be worn any day, any place by anyone. There is no age barrier to wearing an Angrakha. You can wear it and style it in your fusion way. In any case, you will rock the occasion with your Chikankari Angrakha.

A few takeaways to maintain the grace of the Angrakha

  • Prefer dry cleaning the Chikankari Angrakha to maintain its grace, elegance, and appeal.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading.
  • Avoid washing with detergent and rinsing to maintain the quality of the Chikankari Angrakha.

I hope this helps you to pair beautiful Chikankari Angrakha with matching palazzo, Sharara, or dhoti pants to grace any occasion.

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