3 Reasons You Need To Know to Use face Serum

People say that a lot of things improve with age. Unfortunately, your skin is not one of them. As years go by, you will start seeing dark spots, wrinkles, and dullness on your skin. Even if you follow a strict skin cleansing routine, toning and moisturizing, some skin problems will persist. If this is your situation, it is best to incorporate natural serums in your facial beauty regimen.  

What are Serums?

Many people are still confused about what natural serums are all about, even if they have been out in the market for a long time now. To give a basic understanding of what serums are, they are concentrated amounts of active ingredients combined to produce a positive effect on your skin. Checkout some best serums from dopeskin.co because this skincare product can penetrate deeper into the skin to target specific skin conditions or problems. Since our skin has many layers, serums are made out of smaller molecules to have the ability to enter the deepest layers of the skin, making them more effective than other skincare products. 

Serums, moisturizers and face oils are all different products, and you must not confuse them with one another. Although serums also have moisturizing properties because of some of their ingredients, serums are different from moisturizers in the traditional sense. Moisturizers, creams, and skin spray are applied on your skin to create a barrier on the topmost layer of your skin to prevent water from escaping into the environment and therefore keeping your skin hydrated. On the other hand, natural serums penetrate deepest layers of your skin

Now you know what a serum is, it is now time to understand why you need to use them. 

Firms and Tightens Your Skin.

Most serums contain ingredients that give a firm effect on your skin. When firming agent molecules contact your skin, it tightens and smooths your skin to eventually mask any signs of aging. When used regularly, serums will give you a more youthful look. 

Adds Radiance to Your Skin.

As you grow old, your skin tends to lose its natural glow and radiance. Depending on the intended function, serums may contain detoxifying ingredients that revitalize parts of your skin that are dull-looking or fatigued. The antioxidants contained in serums bind and eliminate toxins found within the skin caused by stress and fatigue. 

Reduces Signs of Aging.

If your lifestyle exposes you to many sun or UV rays, your skin may produce a lot of discoloration such as dark spots, aging, or pigmentation. Using serums consistently on your affected skin areas will help reduce the appearance of these discolorations. Serums also contain collagen booster agents that help replenish your skin and make it appear plumper. 

It will help if you use serums at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. However, it is best to read each serum’s label you are using and follow the prescribed usage. Remember that natural serums are highly concentrated, and therefore you only need five drops at most or a half-pump to cover your entire face.  So, make natural serums part of your skincare regimen. You will see the benefits as your skin begins to feel younger and look more radiant. You will know if your regimen is working from the compliments that you are going to get. 

Author name: Alison Lurie