4 Best Opening Lines for Online Video Dating Success

Creating a great first impression on an online video dating platform is essential. Your opening line is your shot at sparking someone’s interest when you match. In this article, you’ll find four effective opening line examples to begin your video chats on the right foot and connect with potential matches. Whether you choose a funny meme, an interesting question, or a genuine compliment, these conversation starters can help you show your personality and start meaningful connections.

#1 Refer Back to Their Profile

One effective way to start a video chat on an online dating platform is to refer back to something specific in their profile. This shows you took the time to get to know them a bit before matching. 

For example, “I saw in your profile that you enjoy cooking. What’s your favorite thing to make?” Or, “Your profile says you love adventure travel. Where’s the most exciting place you’ve solo backpacked to?”

Tying your opening line to a detail they shared builds an instant connection. It starts the conversation smoothly about a topic they’re already invested in. With this approach, you can easily ask follow-up questions or swap stories. So don’t be afraid to showcase that you crept their profile – it’s flattering! Just pick something fun or distinctive to call out when you get matched.

#2 Compliment Their Visible Assets

One of the great things about video dating is seeing and interacting with your match in real time immediately. Take advantage of this by paying them a genuine compliment based on what you notice during those crucial first moments.

For example, if they have a radiant smile, point it out! You could say something like: “You have such a great smile – it looks so genuine and infectious!” Or, “Wow, your smile lights up the whole room – it’s beautiful!”

Other visual attributes you can compliment include their hair, eyes, style, or even just their friendly demeanor on camera. The key is keeping it classy and focused on visible details you genuinely appreciate. Quick side note – be sure to avoid anything that could come off as objectifying. The goal is to break the ice, not make them uncomfortable.

#3 Ask About Their Background

One fun way to connect during a video date is to ask an intriguing question based on what’s visible in their backdrop. For example, if they have a packed bookshelf behind them, you could say, “That bookshelf looks well-loved! What’s one of your favorite books back there?”

Or, if you spot a guitar, ask if they play and what kind of music they’re into. If they have any art or posters visible, ask about it. Pets? Inquire about their name and how long they’ve had them!

Getting them to share the story behind an object, decoration, or other context clue in their space is a great icebreaker. It offers a natural lead-in to deeper discussions about their interests and personality.

Pro-tip – if you notice something specific enough to make an educated guess, go for it! For example, “That vintage Hendrix poster is awesome, I’m guessing you’re a big classic rock fan?” Just be sure to come from a place of genuine curiosity, not judgment.

#4 Note Their Admirable Qualities

One thoughtful and meaningful opener is making a unique observation about their vibe or personality based on your brief initial impressions. For example, you could say something like, “You seem like someone who values kindness – I really admire that.”

The key here is picking up on a positive trait or characteristic you genuinely notice and appreciate – maybe they seem very warm, passionate about something, great sense of humor, etc. Compliment the essence of who they are, not just looks.

You can pick up on surprisingly a lot from brief video interactions if you pay attention. And calling out admirable qualities you observe can only start things off on the right foot.

Some other examples:

“You just seem so genuine and real – it’s really refreshing.”

“I love your upbeat energy. Your positivity is contagious!”

“You come across as very driven and ambitious, which is awesome.”


Making a stellar first impression sets the tone for video dating success. Whether you opt for a personalized question, authentic compliment, or observation about their essence, these conversation starters help you stand out. Approach each match with positivity, focus, and a touch of creativity. The right opener showcases your personality, making them feel truly seen and engaged. Now, put these examples into action – your matches are waiting!