4 Items You Need on Your Checklist to Sell Your House Fast

Did you know that the average amount of time a house sits on the market is 22 days, and the average time it takes to close on a home purchase is 49 days? This totals around 71 days that you might have to wait to get monetary results from your home sale. 

Are you in a hurry to sell your home and can’t wait that long? There are certain things you can do to hurry up the process. Check out the article below for a checklist for selling a house in Yuma that will help you out. 

1. Professional Photography

If you are putting your home on any online listing site, you will want to ensure you have professional photographs of your home from every which angle. You could even do a virtual tour of your home using a drone or some other professional equipment.

It might seem like an unnecessary and expensive thing to do. But it will pay back dividends when you can sell your house fast because you attracted all the right buyers. 

2. Minor Repairs and Declutter

Don’t spend too much on repairing your home because you don’t know what the buyer might end up doing in any case. But also, don’t avoid doing the repairs that will show your house in a better light. It could be things like repairing any holes in your screen windows or doors, cleaning up the front and back yards, painting the garage door, and so on.

You also need to declutter your home and move as much unnecessary stuff out of your home and into storage or your new residence as possible. This will allow your buyer to imagine themselves in your home easier. 

3. Stage Your Home

Another thing you can add to your checklist would be professional staging, which would portray your home as a cozy and comfortable sanctuary that anyone would feel welcome in. Staging your home can help your buyers visualize themselves living in your home and loving it for years to come. 

4. Find a Cash Buyer

You can also avoid real estate agents and online listings and go directly to a cash buyer like ibuypueblohouses.com. They will be happy to take your home off your hands.

You can get cash in your hands right away without waiting for mortgage approvals or any other closing-related items. Selling a house becomes a cinch with a cash buyer. 

Use This Checklist for Selling a House to Your Advantage

You are eager to get on with your life and sell your house fast. It’s understandable. That’s why we created this checklist for selling a house above, so you can use our tips and get out of the housing marketing asap.

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