4 Methods to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

iPhone can be the most widely recognized music player in our everyday existence. There could be huge number of tunes on your Apple music library. Sometimes, you need to move music from iPhone to another iPhone. For example, you would rather not lose your music assortment while having another iPhone. Also here and there, you simply need to share soundtracks you love with your companions.

You can allude to the accompanying substance. We might want to acquaint 4 different ways of how with share music from iPhone to another.

Technique 1. Sync bought music from iPhone to iPhone by means of iTunes

Assuming that you at any point bought tunes from iTunes, you could utilize the authority instrument iTunes to divide music among your iPhones.

Stage 1. Download and introduce iTunes on your PC. Associate the gadget that you need to move music.

Stage 2. Click “Records” > “Gadgets” > “Move Purchases from [the gadget name]”.

Stage 3. Then, at that point, module one more iPhone to the PC.

Stage 4. Dispatch iTunes. Click “Music” on the left side.

Stage 5. Then, at that point, the adjusted playlist will be displayed here. Pick the tunes and right-click on them. Click “Add to Device” > “[your iPhone name].

Technique 2. Move music between iPhone by means of Home Sharing

Home Sharing component assists you with moving music and records between iPhones that are situated on a similar Wi-Fi organization. If both iPhones are associated with a similar Wi-Fi organization, follow the means beneath.

Stage 1. Tap “Settings” application and see as the “Music” choice.

Stage 2. Scroll download and tap the “Home Sharing”.

Stage 3. Sign in with you Apple ID. Then, at that point, do similar strides on the objective iPhone.

Stage 4. Go to “Music” application on your source iPhone. Tap “Library” > Select “tunes” > “Pick “Home Sharing”.

Technique 3. Move music from iPhone to iPhone with Powerful iOS move device

The simple method for moving music from iPhone to iPhone is to utilize AOMEI MBackpper, which is an incredible and expert iPhone information move instrument. It empowers you to move tunes starting with one iPhone then onto the next, even they are non-bought.

Furthermore, it likewise enjoys different benefits to fulfill various requests.

Ease-to-utilize programming: It accompanies an instinctive interface. You can finish the moving system easily.

Support choosing things to move: It permits you to move all tunes on your iPhone or somewhat move things.

Quick moving velocity: It gives quick moving pace. Assuming you have a great deal of music, it will save your time.

Support sending all information to another iPhone: When you have another iPhone, it assists you with moving all information to the new iPhone.

Stage 1. Interface your old iPhone to your PC.

Stage 2. Run AOMEI MBackupper, click “Move to Computer”.

Stage 3. Pick the melodies you need to send. Pick a capacity way on the PC and snap “Move”.

Stage 5. Trust that the music will be saved money on the PC. Then, at that point, turn off the old iPhone and interface the upgraded one to the PC.

Stage 6. Run AOMEI MBackupper, click “Move to iPhone”.

Stage 7. Pick the music you recently saved. Click “Move”. Only a couple of moments. The music will be imported to the designated iPhone.

Technique 4. Divide music among iOS gadgets utilizing Airdrop

Airdrop is possibly suggested when you move one or a few tunes. It is an underlying instrument in Apple gadgets empowering clients to divide records and information among two Apple gadgets rapidly.

Stage 1. Open Music on the source iPhone. Also observe the music you need to send.

Stage 2. Tap the three spots symbol and tap “Offer Song”

Stage 3. Tap “Airdrop” and snap the objective gadget.

Note: If you don’t observe the objective gadget on your iPhone, you can go to Control Center on the objective iPhone and permit the gadget to be recuperated by “Everybody”.


Presently you have known how to move music from iPhone to iPhone with 4 techniques. You can pick one as indicated by your need.

At the point when you need to match up your playlists on various iOS gadgets, iTunes is appropriate for you. Furthermore Airdrop, Home Sharing assists you with offering one or a few soundtracks to your companions. While AOMEI MBackupper can assist you in many conditions with its quick exchange speed and different highlights.

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