46% Play Online Regularly – Online Casinos Are the Most Popular

According to a study, gambling is now the most common online activity. Non GamStop casinos play a prominent role in this. If you want to go to an online casino, you should first check whether a provider is reputable.

Basically, the lottery is the most frequently used gambling product first. With a second participation, however, scratch cards and non GamStop casinos come to the fore more in comparison. With more frequent participation, the proportions of card games, poker and slot machines increase. According to the study by the market research institute research tools, 46 percent of the gamblers surveyed gamble regularly.

Strong Competition Among Non GamStop Casinos

Online casinos use a variety of methods to attract new customers. Because there is very strong competition in the gambling market, as new non GamStop casinos see the light of day every day, online casinos are not only looking for new customers but also want to retain existing players for a long time. Because there are always new providers on the market who draw attention to themselves with special offers for new customers – so as the operator of an online casino you also have to know how to inspire long-standing customers again and again.

High Customer Loyalty

The study by research tools also shows that this is necessary. Accordingly, users of gambling offers develop a strong loyalty to their provider. According to the study, when they last gambled, an average of 53 percent of customers remained loyal to their provider and played repeatedly within the same product group without changing providers. Only five percent switched to another provider for their repeated participation in games. The remaining 42 percent gambled for the first time. Half of them had previously been in the gambling market and played other games of chance.

The proportion of those who took part in a game of chance for the first time is remarkably high: around one in five had never gambled before.

The Casino in Your Own Four Walls

According to the study, the internet is the number one place to participate. Almost half of all gambling users are on laptops, PCs, smartphones or tablets. Users need to make sure in advance whether the provider is reputable before deciding on an online casino. If the online casino has a license, you don’t have to worry about dubious or even fraudulent activities. In the case of crypto casinos without a license, for example, test and experience reports help if you are unsure whether the provider is reputable or not.

Most Common Strategies for Attracting & Keeping Customers

There are several ways to attract new customers and retain existing players, such as a new customer bonus offer. As a rule, a non GamStop casino always offers a new customer or welcome bonus. This means that this amount is doubled when you make your first deposit. Whether and how high the maximum bonus credit is depends on the online casino. Some providers double up to 100 euros, some even up to 200 euros. Important: Before the bonus offer is claimed, it is essential to pay attention to the bonus conditions. Because the bonus amount must of course be implemented several times – and within a certain time.

Offers for loyal customers are also welcome. If you have been registered for some time, you can sometimes look forward to voucher codes by email or free spins. Because non GamStop casinos are always trying to keep existing customers happy with various offers. The same applies here: Not every offer has to be convincing – make sure to check the bonus conditions before accepting the offer.

Often it is also offered to be able to participate in tournaments. Some online casinos also advertise tournaments. In this case, online blackjack or poker tournaments can be played. A community of players is formed.

Such tournaments are not only an interesting change from the classic game, but also provide more excitement – here you can also win attractive prizes.

New games are also added regularly. In the course of comparison, you will also look at the range of games. Do you have a favorite table game? Is there a favorite slot in the portfolio? Many online casinos also score with the fact that they keep adding new games. The information about which games are new or have already been added is usually available by e-mail or directly on the provider’s homepage.

Offers for High Rollers

Some non GamStop casinos offer special bonuses for high-rollers. However, not every online casino offers the opportunity to place high stakes – some providers try to appeal to high rollers with special offers. Due to the fact that high rollers like to be won as customers because they place high stakes, there are always special offers here.

But according to the study, habit also plays an important role among those who motivate participation, with 46 percent saying that they use the offer regularly. Basically, older people play more often out of habit than younger people. Perceived advertising weighs far less with an average share of 15 percent. Age-dependent characteristics are also evident in this area. For example, 18- to 24-year-olds perceive gambling advertising much more frequently than older participants.


Even if the bonus offer sounds tempting and loyal customers are always rewarded, the non GamStop casino must meet your expectations. This means that when comparing online casinos, it is advisable not only to look at the range of games and the deposit and withdrawal methods but also to investigate whether the provider is reputable.

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