5 Benefits of DOT Physicals

A commercial vehicle driver should have integrity and good health, as you will stay on the roads longer than drivers who drive personal vehicles. You might travel from one city to another or from one state to another without taking breaks. Thus, you should steer the vehicle and stay alert on the roads during these periods. The transport department ensures all commercial vehicles are covered by insurance, and the drivers will receive compensation in case of an accident. Thus, the department mandates all drivers to take the department of transport (DOT) physical exams. These are the benefits of DOT physicals Hackensack.

Checks If You Are Mentally Stable

The DOT physical exams ensure all commercial drivers are mentally stable as they will travel over vast routes for days without meeting other people. Although you might rest for a while on the roads, the social interactions are minimal, and prolonged periods of isolation lead to mental instability. Therefore the exams ensure the driver does not develop issues such as anxiety, depression, and mental disorders such as memory loss. A driver with memory loss might not remember the right routes during the journey. On the other hand, those with depression might attempt to kill themselves through accidents. You should ask your employer for days off from the road to avoid mental disorders.

Checks the Current Health Condition

The DOT physical exams consider the current health of the drivers, as healthy drivers will reach their destinations. Sicknesses might affect a person’s capabilities and lead to accidents. Thus, the DOT tests ensure your spine is healthy as you would sit for an extended time when using a commercial vehicle. They may check for proper eyesight, as your eyes should be healthy when driving a commercial vehicle. You should see well during the day and at night to avoid causing accidents. Furthermore, they may check fine motor skills as they contribute to better steering of the commercial vehicle.

Checks If You Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Some drivers might pretend not to use alcohol during an interview, but the DOT physicals will determine if the driver is an alcoholic. They may run tests that show if a driver is reliant on other drugs. Your driver should be sober when steering your commercial vehicle to avoid accidents and loss of property. Thus, their test should show non-reliance on drugs and alcohol.

Considers the Surgeries You Have Had In The Past

Your doctor might ask if you have had any surgeries and recommend further diagnosis and screening to ensure you are healthy. Open surgeries might leave side effects which last for a long time. The side effects would affect drivers’ capabilities and reduce their performance at work.


A urinalysis might show issues such as kidney disease, making it easy for the driver to seek further treatment. Additionally, the urinalysis indicates the presence of an STD and other pelvic issues which require medical attention.

Your employer might request DOT physical exams before hiring you; others will not ask for these tests. However, as a competent driver, you should take the test as it is among the compliance requirements by the department of transport. Although some tests can help an employer find the best drivers for commercial vehicles, the tests will improve your health. For instance, the test will determine if you have mental issues making it easy to deal with issues such as anxiety. Additionally, they will determine if you are an alcoholic or have major health concerns which need immediate medical attention.

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