5 Benefits of Installing Tilt Panel Lift Doors for the Home Garage (PLUS Installation Tips)

If you’re planning to install new garage doors in the near future and have done the research, you’ll know that there are many styles available. One of the most popular and customisable types for domestic purposes is panel lift garage doors.

Updating your garage is an investment that adds resale value to your property but making the right choice of door is vital if you want to see a profitable return.For any garage shelving or storage solutions, check out Pinnacle Hardware.

However, profit shouldn’t be the only reason for picking a panel lift garage door over other designs. Keep reading to find out more about panel lift garage doors and how they can benefit the homeowner in more ways than one!

5 Benefits of Installing Tilt Panel Lift Doors for the Home Garage

1. Neat and Seamless Appearance

The tilt panel lift garage door is made with a single piece of material and is fitted flush with the building’s façade. An internal frame is installed into the garage opening and it matches the cladding of your choice, creating a neat and seamless appearance.

Cladding choices are numerous and you can pick from timber clads to aluminium or Colorbond steel sheeting for the ultimate sleek appearance to make you the envy of your neighbourhood!

2. Takes Up Less Space

Tilt panel lift garage doors take up less headroom space as well as freeing the side walls for shelving and storage of items such as bicycles and sports gear. The panel lift door operates on a track system and pivoting arms, allowing you to lift it up to the ceiling of the garage.

It’s worth noting that when open the tilt panel lift door may protrude slightly outside the garage opening at the top. However, the protrusion is negligible and shouldn’t be cause for concern!

3. Customisable Features

Don’t let your creative flair be stumped by a plain-Jane garage door! Garage installers offer their clients a range of customisable features to ensure your new doors enhance your home aesthetics. A number of designs are available so you can match one to your home’s frontage and you can pick the colour best suited to your home style—whether it’s contemporary or classic.

Specialised panel lift garage doors come with features to balance your tilt panel lift door no matter how heavy the cladding, so don’t be shy when picking your favourite look!

4. Essential Safety Features

Advanced panel lift door designs ensure you don’t have to worry about your or your family’s safety when operating these garage doors. Professional garage door installers use features such as steel jambs to safely secure them.

Tilt panel lift doors have fewer moving parts, making it less likely for trapping fingers or hands when opening or closing the garage door manually.

5. Available With Motorised Function

If the thought of opening and closing your panel lift door manually sounds like too much hard work, you can pick the motorised option. Having electric garage doors makes a whole lot of sense when you don’t want to step out of your car to open or close your garage. It saves you from standing in unpleasant weather and keeps you safe from potential criminals lurking in your driveway. At the touch of a button, the door will move.

Tips for Tilt Panel Lift Garage Door Installations

Installing tilt panel lift doors isn’t as easy as you may think, even though their design and function are simple. Here are some useful tips for installing tilt panel lift doors in your home garage.

Hire a Professional Garage Door Installer

Hiring a professional garage door installer doesn’t only ensure your panel lift door fits properly but they can advise you on the best design and features for your home. Equipped with the right knowledge, these experts can guide you to make the best choice for your domestic garage.

Kitted out with the right equipment, professional garage door installers ensure the doors are securely fitted while being safe to use when in operation. Working with the experts in garage door installations saves you a lot of hassles in the long run!

Measure the Space Outside Your Garage

Tilt panel lift doors do require some space outside your garage when being operated. Measuring this area ensures there’s enough parking space for your car when the garage doors are opened. As this could be a disadvantage for some homeowners with smaller properties and driveways, checking beforehand is vital. Don’t regret a renovation—simply plan properly beforehand.

Pick the Motorised Option for Ease of Use

Before installing tilt panel lift doors, consider whether you or someone else using the garage door will struggle to manually open and close it. Panel lift doors can be heavy, especially if you pick weighty cladding that makes them harder to operate by hand. Picking the motorised option for ease of use is a serious consideration before finalising your choice.

Final Thoughts

Converting your garage is one of the proven home improvements that’ll increase the resale value of your home. Modernised features and advanced functions make the tilt panel lift door an attractive option for many home garages and is a worthwhile investment for your property.

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