5 Best Study Tips For College Students

Most first-year college students typically believe this new phase in their lives will be similar to what they experienced in high school. However, studies have shown that freshmen have the highest failure rate of all four years in higher education programs.

Students don’t realize that the art of carefully juggling school, work, personal life, and possibly sports is incredibly more difficult in college than what they originally anticipated.

This article will dive into the five best study tips for college students to ensure they get the most of their time, energy, and costly tuition bills.

5 Best Study Tips

When it comes to studying, everyone has their own way they like to prepare information, a place they can focus in, and a particular technique they execute to remember facts. While these elements are all important steps to ensuring recall of information, there are several other components necessary for a successful study sesh.

Tip #1

Organization is a key factor when it comes to successful studying. Make sure all your tools are readily available within arm’s reach, including textbooks, notebooks, pen/pencil, calculator, and flashcards to name a few. When your study space is clear of clutter, so will your mind, so ensure to organize a quiet, clean area.

Tip #2

Taking comprehensive notes can be a make-or-break item when it comes to studying. If you know your handwriting is not the best, opt for maybe recording lecture notes or using a laptop during class instead of pen and paper. Also, ensure that your notes are legible and follow somewhat of an outline, so finding answers doesn’t take up all your valuable study minutes. Websites that offer students to do my homework for me online are a great resource for when there are too many assignments due and not enough time in your day to complete them.

Tip #3

Taking small breaks in between long study sessions is a critical part of successfully studying. Allowing yourself to walk outside and breathe fresh air and get some vitamin D may be just the boost you need to keep pushing through. Ensuring you have nutritious snacks and not just sugar-packed treats will likely prevent you from crashing midway through that 500 flashcard pile, as well as enough water to stay hydrated.

Tip #4

Find a good study technique that makes learning about the anatomy of a dung beetle feel like a game, and you can guarantee the time to fly and the facts to stick. Studying doesn’t have to be about regurgitating facts off flashcards or rehearsing your notes line for line, praying you’ll eventually remember them. Techniques such as creating a word game, making up a song, a rhyming sequence, or even a dance can make learning fun and more than likely be a better technique for remembering information.

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Tip #5

Studying alone has its perks, but finding a group to get you through freshman biology can be a much more productive option than flying solo. Having like-minded students help study can provide that extra voice of confidence you may need to push through your fifth hour of dung beetle territory.


Studying is a necessary part of a school, and creating great habits is your best bet to increase your chances of passing the class and graduating from college. Following these easy five tips and creating some of your own can be the deciding factor between that B and D that anatomy of a dung beetle course.

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