5 Best Ways to Do A Background Check

Often, you might have needed to check the background details of a person, and you have wondered how to do it. 

Now it has become effortless and straightforward to look up the information as there are many background checking services available on the internet. The background check can be conducted for multiple reasons: finding out a long-lost friend or keeping track of a loved one’s whereabouts, or just as simple as finding out who called you.

These background checking companies pull out information from public records made available by the governments in the public interest of its people. The search engines of these background checking services are easy to use and kept confidential, so you do not have to worry about conducting a search and people coming to know of it. In addition, these searches can be more detailed, and you will have access to real estate records of assets of people, parking tickets, criminal records, if they are sexual offenders, etc. 

Fast PeopleSearch 

FastPeopleSearch is an excellent background checking search engine with a very user-friendly interface that helps you look up information on various people. You can also use it to monitor your details and see what comes up. This portal compiles a comprehensive report on the person in question through public and sometimes private databases. This background checking service helps you identify an unknown caller, run checks on your current roommate, helps you in finding more about your potential associates, and much more. 

You will be able to find everything you will need in FastPeopleSearch as far as the background check of a person is concerned. Feel at ease while you conduct the search and then sit back and read the report, which will be easy to understand and analyze. The search engine is designed to impress any layman and will get you more than what you were looking for at the start. However, the information comes at a price, but you will not mind paying it as long as you get hold of the critical information that you were seeking in the first place. The service is highly accurate in its findings and will go a long way in helping you find more about the person.


Intelius has very intuitive background checking search engines that will more than impress you with its exhaustive report. It pulls out financial and essential information on the person. In addition, it gives you a look at their educational background, which is sometimes very useful in locating a person from your past. In addition, Intelius’s platform encourages you to look for crime history, view property details, who’s calling you, or even check on your background. Among Intelius’s offerings are complete background checks that are its most popular product. 

Imagine yourself as a recruitment officer in your company responsible for verifying a potential hire’s authenticity. Intelius comes in very handy at these times when you would like to know more about the person. After all, your company’s reputation hangs in the balance over finding out more about the person. Use Intelius without worrying about the authenticity of the information provided as they are an exceptional service in this domain. 

Instant Checkmate

 Instant Checkmate has a search engine that aggregates information from public sources made available by the government for its masses. The service is not very easy to use because you have to answer a lot of vexing questions to get the results. The portal, however, does your job of looking up information on a person easier and saves a lot of your precious time. The reports provided are extensive and straightforward, ranging from names, addresses, marriage records, criminal offences, and assets reviews. 

The service also has a reverse phone look-up assistance that verifies the details of unknown callers. The background service report is comprehensive, and if you can neglect scores of pop-ups that you have to navigate through, you will find the details beneficial and informative. When you run a search on Instant Checkmate’s site, you will first have to select the most relevant match from the options given, and then you need to ask for a comprehensive report on the person chosen SearchInmate.com.

US Search

A people finder service like US Search lets you perform searches based on a name, address, phone number, or email id. It will pull up a massive list of people from where you can zero in on the person for whom you are looking. Though the search engine design looks very old, it provides specific data on the person, and their reports are authentic. You can find all you need under one platform as the US search scours the public records comprehensively to provide you with the person’s details. 

The best part of this background checking service is that it doesn’t prompt you to pay immediately like the other search engines, making your search on the exact person comfortable and pleasant. Furthermore, the detailed report on the person also contains social media handles and email IDs so that you can connect with the person instantly. This part of the service seems brilliant work as you can reconnect with old friends and relatives through their portal. 

People Finder 

Another pocket-friendly background checking service is PeopleFinder. Its search engine tool is less complicated and enables the search by entering its name, phone number, or address. They uncover a lot of ground on the selected person from the list and provide you with a detailed report for a charge. They also have an option of unlimited searches, and this package will give you a lot of data on multiple people and is a time saver. 

The background report consists of the court records, birth records, property records, and criminal history. However, it does not pull up social media profiles, which is necessary for a background check. Also, their search engine is accessible only from the US. 

Wrap up

So, there you go with the best background checker tools right at your disposal to make life easy. 

Have you ever used any of these tools for background checking?

Drop a line below and let us know.

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