5 Challenges Truck Drivers Face During the Pandemic

Until recently, the trucking industry was thriving economically. Then came the pandemic and things went to the worst-case scenario in a matter of months. Despite this, a Virginia truck accident lawyer claims there has been a reduction in truck accidents since the pandemic began because most truck drivers are not working thanks to lockdowns and other COVID-19 precautions.

Challenges Truck Drivers Are Facing

Coronavirus has changed many facets in our world as we know it. Although a lot has changed, frontline soldiers are working around the clock to fight the disease and ensure we remain comfortable in our homes. Truck drivers are an essential component of the supply chain that guarantees we get our agricultural produce, among other basic needs.

In light of the new normal, truck drivers are facing challenges despite being at work. Here are several challenges truck drivers face during these pandemic times:

1. Loss of Jobs

Truck drivers’ careers around the globe have suffered immense loss due to the pandemic. Coronavirus has affected the transport industry by slowing down the movement of goods. Businesses are urging their staff to work from home to curb the spread of the disease. The economic crisis the pandemic has presented has also forced some companies to downsize. Trucking companies are not exempt from that tragedy. Consumer withdrawal and the reduction of their partnerships with trucking companies has also rendered a lot of truck drivers jobless.

2. Becoming Coronavirus Positive

The pandemic is affecting people from all walks of life, and truck drivers are not an exception. Unlike the airline industry, the economic stimulus programs have not covered truckers. The employers may fail to provide the drivers with essential protective gear that prevents them from contracting the virus.

3. Stigmatization from the Community

The truckers’ nature of work requires them to move across borders and interact with people while delivering their products. There are many reports of drivers being ridiculed and harassed for carrying out their job and duty. When delivering goods, many drivers will avoid interaction when possible due to harassment and accusations of harboring the virus.

4. Insecurity on the Roads

The changing times have people away from the office and, in many circumstances, unemployed all together. Government stimulus checks only go so far and higher margins of people have resorted to robbing truck drivers along the road. The American Truck driver’s safety risk is at an all-time high. Many truckers are taking increased precautions, hoping to deliver their cargo safely. Carefully considering their resting points, truckers all over the U.S. are at risk of being mugged by these unsuspecting robbers.

5. Changing Routines Affecting Their Mental Well-Being

While some truck stop shops have remained open to cater to the truck drivers’ needs, most diners are forced to close down. Truck drivers now access their meals from convenience stores at the gas station. They say this has dramatically disturbed their routine since they used time at the diner to unwind and relax while preparing for the rest of their journey.

The New Normal Is Challenging but Necessary

The trucking industry remains essential to help us pull through the lockdowns. Although some truckers report a boom in their business, others state show only a struggle to make ends meet. Whatever the case, let us remain vigilant to prevent the spread of this virus. It, too, shall come to pass.