5 Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Art Supplies for Kids

Children love to explore the world of art each day. They paint their hands with watercolor paints, draw shapes with markers, color with crayons, and make fruits with play dough. When they explore art, the materials touch their skin directly. But how safe are these art materials? There is a need to make sure these materials are safe as children spend a lot of time touching them and could ingest them.

It is worth noting that all art supplies and toys are required by law not to jeopardize the safety of children. All art materials must conform to safety laws determining the product’s potential for causing chronic health hazards. Yet, because products comply with these standards, they are not necessarily non-toxic. In most cases, the toxicology report is based on current medical and scientific knowledge of medical hazards. Thus, if a chemical is unknown, a manufacturer will state the absence of hazards even if the product is toxic.

Luckily, many non-toxic art supplies are available to ensure your little one is in business and having fun. This piece has rounded up the top five non-toxic art supplies for your kids to assist you in making the right choice. Make sure you keep these safe alternatives in mind next time you are getting art supplies for your kids.

1.  Non-Toxic Powder Paint

Powder paint is a versatile and environmentally friendly choice that offers a range of benefits. The paint can combine natural ingredients such as finely ground pigments, fillers, and binders. It is made to be non-toxic, ensuring your child’s safety as they explore their creativity.

These powders are straightforward to use. Add it to water and then mix until you get the desired consistency. It is highly recommended to use a small water amount and add the powder to it, a teaspoon at a time.

If you want to make color variations, powder paint are most suited since they can be mixed. Not only are they non-toxic, you can quickly clean them off the skin and hard surfaces, but they might stain clothing.

While ready-mix paints are prevalent for their convenience, they are mostly toxic and will not allow your child to learn. Powder paints, on the other hand, provide your kids with independence, where they can help themselves to the paint they need and mix the colors they want. In addition, they are cost-effective because you will only use a small powder amount.

2.  Plant Based Crayons

Every child’s art supplies kit must include crayons. Yet, conventional crayons frequently contain petroleum-based waxes and synthetic materials. These materials, when heated or swallowed, can produce dangerous toxins. Therefore, choose plant-based crayons from organic materials like soy, beeswax, or palm oil to ease these worries. The absence of dangerous materials like lead, asbestos, and phthalates in these crayons guarantees your child’s safety.

Plant-based crayons are both sustainable and non-toxic. Businesses that make these greener substitutes frequently prioritize using renewable resources and applying green production techniques. To further minimize their impact on the environment, several companies now provide crayons that are biodegradable, compostable, and wrapped in recycled materials.

3.  Recycled Paper

Any creative endeavor must have paper, but producing it can negatively influence the environment. Utilizing recycled paper and sketchbooks for your child’s artwork is the best way to go if you want to promote sustainability. Recycled paper eliminates the requirement for virgin pulp from trees since it is created from post-consumer trash or other recycled materials. By choosing recycled products, you can lessen deforestation and help preserve natural resources.

Ensure you look for certifications like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo when purchasing recycled paper products. This ensures that the paper originates from ethically managed forests. Also, consider sketchbooks bonded with eco-friendly materials like vegetable-based glues or recycled cardboard covers and manufactured from recycled or FSC-certified paper. Thanks to these decisions, your child’s artistic activities will be pleasurable and environmentally responsible.

4.  Organic Modeling Clay

Children like creating physical representations of their imaginations with modeling clay. However, common modeling clay frequently has additives made of petroleum and other chemicals that could cause allergic reactions. Therefore you must consider using organic modeling clay as a safe and environmentally responsible alternative.

Beeswax, plant-based oils, and mineral colors are natural and non-toxic ingredients used to make organic modeling clay. It is safe for kids because it doesn’t include dangerous chemicals or artificial perfumes. Additionally, young painters can easily explore their creative side because this kind of clay is softer and simpler to work with.

5.  Water-Based Markers

Many young painters adore the versatility of markers as a tool. However, hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are frequently present in conventional markers. Children, especially those with respiratory sensitivities, are at risk for health problems from these compounds because they can be discharged into the air while used. Choose water-based markers low in VOCs and free of hazardous chemicals to alleviate this worry.

They are safer for youngsters because they are non-toxic, odorless, and washable. Some manufacturers even provide refillable markers, which lessens plastic waste and prolongs the enjoyment of your child’s preferred colors. Your kid will get countless artistic possibilities with various brilliant hues while putting their health first.


Art is a vital part of the development of your kid. It allows them to express themselves and enhance their creativity. But this does not need to come at the cost of their health. That is why you must adopt non-toxic art supplies that are also friendly to the environment. The above are the top supplies you can use with your kids to alleviate fears of harm and help safeguard the environment. Choose them today and have healthy and sustainable fun!

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