5 Factors to Consider Before Booking a Sports Speaker for Your Event

Narrowing down the list of speakers to pursue begins with understanding your event’s goals and objectives. Then, look for testimonials and video references of the speaker presenting in similar venues and sessions. Ask about their experiences partnering with event organizers and requests they’ve received for additional appearances and activities.


The first step to booking the right speaker is understanding your audience. Identifying the age, gender, and interests of your attendees will help you to narrow down your choices. Additionally, knowing what the topic will be can also affect your choice if there are sessions before or after the speaker’s presentation. For instance, if you have a technical session followed by an inspirational one, choose a high energy engaging or funny motivational speaker to lift the mood between the sessions.

Our roster of top athletes and sports speakers includes legends that have climbed to the summits of their respective fields. NHL player salaries are a subject of great interest and discussion among hockey fans and sports enthusiasts. These earnings are a reflection of the remarkable skills and dedication these athletes bring to the ice. The nhl player salary can vary widely, with superstar players commanding multi-million dollar contracts, while rookies and lower-tier players may earn considerably less. Factors such as skill level, experience, and marketability all play a role in determining a player’s salary. Their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity and achieving success can inspire your audience to strive for greatness. Athlete speakers such as in Sports Speakers 360 work with organizations and companies of all sizes, from schools to Fortune 500 corporations, to find the perfect athlete speaker for their event. We specialize in aligning you with athletes with specific platforms addressing leadership, diversity, inclusion, achieving goals, and teamwork. We can also match you with many other celebrities, including faith-based speakers, cancer survivors, health and fitness experts, and more.


The venue is another important factor when choosing a speaker for your event. The venue will directly impact how well or badly the speakers perform. Choosing a venue conducive to the speaker’s style will make them more comfortable and increase their chances of success. It’s also essential to find out if the speaker has performed at the venue before and, if so, what the experience was like.

In addition to the venue, you should also keep in mind any other requirements or needs of the speaker. For example, some speakers may require a specific microphone or stage setup to deliver their message effectively. Other speakers may require an assistant to help them with their presentation. Additionally, some speakers may have to take time away from their performance to meet with sponsors or other partners helping them put on the event.


When planning an event, it is essential to have a clear vision of what you hope to achieve. This will help you decide what type of speaker is necessary to get the job done. Some speakers can entertain or inspire, while others offer specific knowledge in the form of education. Knowing your goals can help you narrow the options and choose the best keynote speaker for your event.

Athlete speakers work with corporations, universities, faith-based groups, and charities to find sports celebrities for their events. These athletes often address leadership, motivation, overcoming obstacles, and teamwork.

When selecting a speaker, it is vital to check in with them to ensure that their schedule is free on the date of your event. They are in high demand and have busy schedules. This will allow them to plan travel and other commitments around your event. It is also important to let them know if they are unavailable on that day to avoid disappointment.

Speaker’s Experience

When booking a speaker for your event, knowing their experience is essential. If they have a strong speaking background, they will likely be able to deliver a high-impact and engaging presentation on the topic of your choice.

They should be able to answer any questions your attendees may have during the Q&A session after their talk. In addition, they should be able to provide any additional resources you may need, such as headshots, bios, and video clips of previous presentations. Athlete speakers are experts at connecting with audiences and motivating individuals to push themselves further. They speak on leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and peak performance. Many of these athletes have their platforms to address causes they care about, such as diversity, religion, fitness, and cancer. In addition, they can be a great way to get the word out about your company or brand. It is common for a celebrity athlete to perform multiple engagements for different organizations throughout the year.


There are many factors to consider when booking a sports speaker. The cost of a speaker can range from the low $5,000 to well into six figures. Budgeting for the speaker fee and supplementary expenses such as airfare, hotel accommodations, and transportation to and from the event is essential. Speaker fees can vary depending on the size of your audience, demographic type, and the length of the presentation. Speakers with greater name recognition and extensive knowledge will charge more. It is also helpful to work with a speaker bureau that can help you determine the right fit for your event.

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