5 Famous residential schools in Dehradun

Parents always desire to give the best to their children, especially when it comes to education. From dealing with the hefty admission process to bearing the school fees, parents strive hard to facilitate their children with the highest quality education.

Well, when it comes to getting your ward admitted to a globally standardized school in India, it is best to choose one of the residential schools in Dehradun. They not only focus on the academic performance of the students but also help them in building their overall personality.

Read on to know about the most famous boarding schools in Dehradun

1. The Doon School
Founded by Satish Ranjan Das in 1935, the Doon School tops the list of most prominent residential schools in Dehradun. This school has the specialties of British public schools as well as the values of Indian culture. It focuses on building highly intellectual individuals that have top leadership qualities and analytical skills.
It is one of the residential schools in Dehradun The school gives utmost importance to the overall development of its students is given utmost importance here. Its high-class infrastructure has everything needed to nurture the hobbies of students.

2. Kasiga School Dehradun
Next in the list of best residential schools in Dehradun is the beautifully designed Kasiga School. The school has earned a huge reputation over the years for offering over the top facilities to its students. Founded in 2007, this boarding school is known for offering high-end education while nurturing the students with cultural and traditional values.

Kasiga School is affiliated with the University of Cambridge International Examinations and the CBSE. It is one of the residential schools in Dehradun with a tough admission process. But the students are sure to get the best facilities here both for academics and extracurricular activities.

3. Colonel Brown Cambridge School
Established in 1926 by Col. Brown and his wife it is one of the most popular English medium residential schools in Dehradun. The school gives great attention to the overall fitness and grooming of its pupils. Its vast playground and Tamarind Theatre enhances the overall worth of this school. Colonel Brown Cambridge School also has an in-premises hospital, which means your kids’ health will be well taken care of.

4. Summerfield Residential School
Summerfield Residential School stands next among top residential schools in Dehradun. With best in the class infrastructure, smart classroom facilities and trained staff the school have made its place among the top educational institutions of the country.

The school’s management lays great emphasis on preparing its students for various aspects of life. Being one of the most popular residential schools in Dehradun Summerfield Residential School has successfully produced a number of toppers, with 100% results achieved in annual board examination.

5. Welham Girls School
For those looking forward to getting their girls admitted in one of the highly reputed residential schools in Dehradun should go for Welham Girls School. This institution was founded in 1957 by Miss H.S. Oliphant under the assistance of Miss Linnell – a popular educationist of that time. Located at the foothills of Himalaya, this school stands stronger than ever even today.

It has world-class infrastructure and facilities for the students. The best part is that this school focuses on the all-round development of girls and makes them capable enough to handle the various aspects of life efficiently. The prominent alumni of Welham’s include Kareena Kapoor, Brinda Karat, Deepa Mehta, Subhashini Ali and Radhika Roy.