5 Ideas For What to Take on a Romantic Weekend Getaway

If you are planning a romantic getaway with your ‘better half’ and are thinking about what to take with you, then you have most definitely clicked on the right article. 

With that being said, here are five ideas for what to take along with you on a romantic weekend getaway with your beloved. 

  1. New Nightwear

Even if you have been living with your husband or wife for many years and feel as if the days have gone whereby you always wear matching underwear and pajamas that have still got the elastic in the waist, for your romantic night away, you need to make an effort in this area. 

Whether you choose to treat yourself to a new set of pajamas (which may not be the sexiest piece of clothing you have ever worn but will feel nice, new, and relaxing) or you go all out and splurge on some new lingerie, the choice is yours. 

  1. A Treat for the Bedroom

For those couples who enjoy an active and multi-beneficial sex life, a cheeky addition to your suitcase or overnight bag would be an item from My Amazing Fantasy in Andover, which will make for an exciting evening away. 

Conversely, this is also a good idea if you and your partner are not currently experiencing a high level of physical intimacy together, as you can benefit from the following:

  • Practice touching in non-sexual areas of the body
  • Invest in quality self-help books and other materials
  • Discuss and explore each other’s fantasies
  • Maintain and increase your levels of physical affection
  • Be altogether more tactile with each other
  1. A Surprise Gift

Getting your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife a surprise gift does not mean you have to spend a month’s wage, but moreover, it shows your thoughtful side if you pick one that is sentimental and emotional. 

If you have the time and the artistic inclination, you could put together a scrapbook, including photographs, of your journey together so far or even bake some cookies with your initials inscribed in the frosting on the top.

  1. Luxury Toiletries 

Finally, even though undoubtedly you will have already thought to pack the practical items you need in the morning, such as your toothbrush and deodorant, part of a magical romantic evening is to feel pampered. 

Take your favorite perfume, one which you feel sexy and confident whilst wearing, as well as some indulgent bathing oils and massage creams, should the mood take you. In addition, consider packing a beautifully scented and ornate candle for the bathroom and bedroom too. 

  1. A Sense of Adventure

Finally, instead of a physical item, you also need to bring along a sense of adventure and a plan to be entirely present and dedicated to the moment.

Busy working lives, especially with children thrown into the mix, often result in barely any free time for couples, so now you have actually managed to secure a whole weekend away together, you must make the most of it and enjoy each other’s company.