5 Important Things to Remember While Shopping for Wedding Jumpsuits

Every bride looks for that one perfect wedding dress that will make her fall in love with it. That being said, it’s 2021 and brides are no longer keen on following the centuries-long traditions. In that respect, wedding jumpsuits can be talked about.

It might sound surprising but yes— wedding jumpsuits for bridal have officially become a thing! Brides who want to make a bold statement at the ceremony usually go for it. In a way, they are setting powerful fashion trends.

We understand if you aren’t yet totally sold on these, so here are a few ways by which you can look all modern with a wedding jumpsuit but also have a vintage edge at the same time —

  1. Lace Details

A lot of people, especially mums and grandmothers can be a bit sceptical about your choice of wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding. Perhaps their dream was to see you in a more vintage attire. There is a way to do both — look for a jumpsuit of your choice but with lace details. Lace is sophisticated and classy but importantly, it’s a classic! Beaded lace or lace appliques on an ivory or white wedding jumpsuit will be something that you and the rest of the entourage can fall in love with.

  1. Modest Neckline

This works better especially if one is having a traditional church ceremony. Wedding jumpsuits with modest necklines have a certain elegance to them. They are also quite formal and therefore, perfect for a big fancy celebration and a small intimate ceremony at the same time. Go for necklines like off-shoulder, high halter, bateau, scoop or beaded illusion— something that is uniquely flattering.

These are the designer jumpsuits that you can consider for your wedding—

  1. Train Finish

A lavish train finish is something that makes every wedding dress unique. There is nothing more vintage than dramatic court, cathedral and sweep trains. However, you’re not going with a wedding gown, it’s a jumpsuit. So, it can get tricky. You can try looking for jumpsuits that have loose flowy pants and form a subtle brush train or wear a veil that goes all the way down. There are certain wedding jumpsuits that come with a detachable cape which can also be a suitable choice if you are keen on having a train.

Try out these wedding jumpsuits with trains—

  1. Overskirts

There is nothing else that can jazz up your wedding jumpsuit as much as a detachable overskirt. They are gorgeous, dramatic and fairly elegant. In fact, overskirts can also form a train and make you look vintage in a jumpsuit! The best part about detachable overskirts is that you get to remove them after the ceremony and be completely comfortable at the reception. It is also super easy to carry yourself in an overskirt, especially if the material or fabric is lightweight like tulle or satin.

Take a look at this—

  1. Go for Flaring Silhouettes

Fitted jumpsuits are classy and sophisticated but they aren’t really bridal. They are more on the lines of business formal that will be appropriate for an office event. On the other hand, jumpsuits that create an A-line silhouette are better for wedding ceremonies because it makes you look more gorgeous and traditional.

If you are tired with the same-old ball gown, trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses, bridal jumpsuits are the perfect way to your heart. Most of all, they can keep you comfortable like no other outfit. The designer collections of 2021 also offer wedding Jumpsuits for mother of the bride dresses and wedding jumpsuits for bridesmaids so that they can coordinate with and support the bride.

Happy shopping!