5 Interesting Facts On Ammolite Jewelry: Uncovered

Before humans, the world has been a living space of multiple creatures with exclusive characteristics. Over time they faced extinction, marking the beginning of human civilization and the revolutionized world we live in. However, to date, archeologists and excavators come across the fossils of these creatures in the form of organic gemstones. These are known for their charm, emitting auras and beautiful colors, enchanting to look at.

The Ammolite jewelry is one of a kind, with its dazzling range of colors and patterns that are unique by nature. The gemstone Ammolite has an elevated status among many due to its exclusivity and rear find. Here are some interesting facts about Ammolite jewelry that have been undiscovered. 

5 Interesting & Undiscovered Facts On Ammolite Jewelry

Due to its rare availability and exclusive properties, people enjoy wearing Ammolite Jewelry. It is human nature to try and learn more about anything they find fascinating. So here are some of the most interesting yet undiscovered facts about Ammolite.  

Did You Know!The base of Ammolite is Aragonite, the same mineral that contributes to the making of Pearls. 
  1. It Comes From Fossils Of Ammonites 

About 66 million years ago, there were sea creatures dwelling on the surface of the Earth. They had sharp beaks – resembling jaws and tentacles. These animals had spiral shells to reside in. Some were slightly under an inch, while the others were nine feet wide. These were buried deep inside the Earth on extinction and later discovered as gemstones.   

  1. Not All Ammonites Are Appropriate For Ammolite Jewelry

Ammonite sea creatures have resided in different parts of the world for a long time. Excavators so far have discovered the iridescent fossils of Ammonites across England, Morocco, Madagascar, and Utah. However, the ones found along the bank of  St. Mary River, Southern Alberta, Canada, can be turned into Ammolite Jewelry. However, the ones excavated from areas outside are: 

a) Too damaged by weathering 

b) Lack the attractiveness to qualify for a quality gemstone 

c) Has patches all over, not appropriate for display.   

  1. Ammolite Is A Powerful Gemstone

The term ‘Ammolite’ signifies ‘rebirth.’ Also, the Phoenicians did connect the gemstone with the Sun God of Egypt, Amun. He had the head of the ram, with spiral-like horns signifying the natural shape of the Ammonite fossil. With so much mythological resemblance wearing Ammolite Jewelry will expose you to all the positive energies in the universe. As per common knowledge, it is the talisman for relationships, love, and family.   

  1. There Are various Ammolite Patterns For You To Experience

Unlike regular gemstones, in Ammolite, you get to experience multiple patterns backed by the authentic shale of the fossil. Here are the various patterns for you to experience. 

Ammolite Patterns Depictions  
Stained Glasswindow panes
Dragon Skincomes as scales
Floral   flower petals
Cobblestone  uneven and regular rows
Paintbrush  broad strokes
Suture Gemleaf patterns
Stain  spreading color changes
Feather  tendrils
Terrain  aerial map
  1. Wearing Ammolite Jewelry Will Help You Reap Feng Shui Advantages

As per Feng shui belief, the Ammolite gemstone holds the absorbed knowledge of the universe. The spiral pattern within the heart of the fossil has all the maps engraved, which locates the distinctive path to a fulfilling spiritual journey. Wearing Ammolite in jewelry will enhance the flow of ‘Qi’  (pronounced as chi) – positive energy. This will low down the toxicity levels in an individual’s body, promoting well-being all the time.  

Quick Tips To Clean And Care For Your Ammolite Jewelry

Because it is rare and unique, turning out to be one of a kind. You need to be extra careful with your Ammolite jewelry. Here are a few easy tips to ensure your jewelry is sparkling and get the gemstone emitting its authentic aura.  

  • Use a soft pouch or jewelry box for daily storage. It will eliminate all chances of external scratches and safeguard the exclusive piece from unnecessary dust and pollution.
  • Refrain from overexposing the jewelry to water and heat. Avoid wearing it to the spa or shower. Also, too much sunlight or freezing temperatures can harm its natural properties.  
  • Use a mild jewelry cleaner to remove tarnish from your Ammolite piece. Dip a Q-tip into the cleaner and then rub gently. Avoid using steam cleaners or ultrasonic variants. The agitation and high temperature used in those cleaning techniques can damage the organic features of Ammolite.  
  • Once you are done wearing it, clean the jewelry with a soft cloth before storing it inside the box. This will help it to get rid of dust, sweat, and germs collected so far.


Ammolite gemstones have comprehensive natural healing properties and great texture, making them a great investment. You can buy Ammolite jewelry online or offline. But it is always important to distinguish the fake from the real one. Consider uneven layers and patterns in the stone; machine-cut fake ones will always have uniform lines. Also, fake Ammolites tend to have air bubbles, which you will not find in the original ones. 

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