5 Jewelry Care Tips to Keep Your Favorite Pieces Sparkling

Have you ever lost a gemstone out of your engagement ring or another special jewelry piece? Are you constantly wiping your necklaces clean because they’re tarnished or dirty?

It’s not hard to learn a few tricks for keeping your jewelry clean and undamaged. With a few easy tips, your jewelry can go from sad to shiny and clean.

Check out the information below for the best jewelry care ideas to take care of your favorite rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

1. Use the Right Jewelry Cleaning Products

Learning how to clean jewelry is a matter of using the right products that won’t harm your pieces. Use a polishing cream on your metals and precious metals to increase shine and remove tarnish. This works for your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry.

Choose a tarnish remover and polishing cream that’s non toxic and all natural for the best results. Click to get more information about the right creams, along with instructions for use.

2. Water’s Okay, Sweat’s Not

Whether you’re trying to clean gold jewelry or care for other metals, it’s okay to wear your jewelry when you shower or bathe. A good rinse or even a bit of mild soap won’t hurt it. In fact, it may help keep them clean.

At the same time, you don’t want to get sweat or chemicals on your jewelry. If you’re working out or getting in the pool or hot tub, make sure you take off your jewelry first. Otherwise, the sweat and chlorine will work against you.

Other chemicals to avoid include sunscreen. If you can put on your SPF before you put on your jewelry, you’ll help your jewelry stay looking beautiful.

3. Jewelry Care: Storage

The best place to keep your jewelry is in an airtight container. This can be something as simple as a food storage bag or something more elaborate that was designed for jewelry. The important thing is keeping the jewelry from oxidizing.

Storing your jewelry this way also keeps it from getting tangled, especially chains and earring wires. Untangling jewelry messes can damage the pieces, so storing them separately in their airtight containers can preempt these issues.

4. Wipe It Clean

Besides using jewelry care products for cleaning, you can also spend a few minutes caring for your jewelry when you’re putting it away.

After you remove your jewelry, wipe it with a clean cloth. This will remove any oils and chemicals from lotions, perfumes, and other products you may have on your skin. The cloth should be non-abrasive to avoid scratching your jewelry pieces.

5. Pay Attention to Gemstones

One of the best jewelry care tips is to avoid activities that can loosen your gemstones. Carrying insurance on your expensive pieces like engagement rings is helpful. Yet it’s still sentimental to hang on to the original gemstones.

Bumping a gem or submerging it in water for a long time can loosen the setting and eventually cause it to fall out. Take care to remove your jewelry before you do any activities like swimming, exercise, moving, deep cleaning your home, or other high exertion projects.

Keeping That Sparkle

Figuring out the ins and outs of jewelry care now can help you keep your pieces nice and give them a longer life. From the best cleaning products to storage and avoiding damaging activities, the tips above will give you a head start on preserving your favorite jewelry pieces and keeping their sparkle. Were these tips helpful? Check out the rest of our site for more information!

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