5-Minute Tips To Grow Your Instagram Profile For Brands

Are you a budding brand entering Instagram for potential business growth? If so, Instagram as a marketing platform will be the right choice to build your brand presence. Next, answer this question: Why should your brand’s followers keep returning to your business profile on Instagram? It is pretty sensible if you say you offer better results than your competitors. Yet, you can’t constantly be posting videos on your Instagram profile. If you wish to boost your brand’s reach on Instagram, you must practice marketing strategies. 

Do you have any idea about how you should promote your brand on Instagram? If you say no. Here’s an idea about how to post your Instagram videos with the best hashtags and innovative ideas. Again, if you want to reach your followers, try the quick option to buy instagram impressions that help expand your business reach. 

We will put everything together to enhance your Instagram profile for business profits. Indeed, we will also help you promote your business brand on Instagram. 

Let us jumpstart!

1. Try To Make Innovative Instagram Stories

The best functional feature on the Instagram platform is Instagram Stories. The Stories feature on Instagram launched from Snapchat’s inspiration. Thus, Instagram Stories lets users post content that stays for 24-hours. Also, Instagram Stories has a running time of 15-seconds. 

Why Should You Post Instagram Stories? 

Although, Instagram got different features like photos, videos, Reels, and IGTV to try for brand promotions. Yet, Stories help in making your content look appealing and engaging. Thus, Instagram Stories features help in generating higher video engagement from followers. For instance, you can start to add text, GIFs, hashtags, countdowns, and music effects to your Instagram stories to reach your new followers. Also, you can even include a link in your Instagram story where your potential followers will swipe up to your websites. 

Before you plan to post your Instagram story, try to check out the different content strategies and their variations. For example, you can post a photo, video, boomerang, and live streams on your Instagram story. 

2. Post IGTV (Long-Format Videos)

Still, now, Instagram doesn’t let its users post video content longer than a minute. In 2018, the launch of Instagram’s IGTV offered a new chance for users to share long-format content.

Short Note About IGTV

Instagram TV is an exciting feature on the Instagram platform that features straight from the app itself, a standalone app. Also, IGTV lets its users post video content long-lasting, between 15-seconds to 10-minutes. 

How To Use IGTV For Your Brand’s Growth?

If you want to view IGTV content from different Instagram accounts, click on the TV button on your main feed. Meantime, if you’re going to post an IGTV video, hit the plus button in the top right corner. 

What Content Format Works On IGTV?

On Instagram, the IGTV offers the potential to create videos up to 10-minutes long, whereas the content formats are unending. So, try to create unique video content based on your follower’s choice, which will drive higher engagement from your followers. The best possible options to consider on IGTV are below for your reference: 

  • Video blog posts
  • Mini webinars
  • Promotional videos

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Fun Fact: A report from a famous company claims that they use IGTV to feature their company’s products and services as a sneak-peek with followers. Also, the company creates two to 10 minutes IGTV videos explaining their marketing strategy. 

3. Tag Right Instagram Hashtags

Every brand on social media already knows the fact that hashtag strategy plays a vital role. It is because hashtag helps increase visibility and motivates their followers to engage with your brand’s posts. So if you want to make your brand popular on Instagram among your followers, then start to practice these hashtag tips to go viral on the go!

Specific Hashtags & Its Examples

On Instagram, the hashtags you choose to include in your post should connect with your brand-based community and followers. For example, if your brand works in the fashion industry, then tag hashtags relevant to fashion apparel to help you reach your potential followers. 

It is significant to use particular hashtags within the industry instead of generic hashtags. For instance, if you are promoting your inbound marketing campaigns, try #inboundmarketing and #SEO; instead of using generic hashtags like #business or #marketing. As a result, these specific hashtags will offer you a better chance to make your brand visible among your potential customers.

Things To Wrap

In conclusion, I hope you find this article interesting, where you can see 5-minute tips to grow your Instagram account for your brand. Above all, try to explore all the available options where you can find what works best for your brand. 

  • Try to create engaging TikTok Stories
  • Post IGTV long-format videos
  • Use appropriate hashtags

Still, if you plan to reach your target audience on Instagram, start to post your engaging IGTV, Stories, or Reels content. It helps in generating new business leads and driving engagement and traffic. After that, you can also try BuyRealGramViews, where you can expand your Instagram video reach and impressions.