5 Must Have Shorts This Summer!

Summer is the time of year that everyone looks forward to the most. The atmosphere formed by the presence of good weather cannot help but put people in a good mood. Your options are endless, from lazy days at the beach to calling around to your friends to have a barbecue or a party. Everything seems to be looked at in a positive light and you may wish to be looking your very best no matter what the occasion. Comfort may play a part over style in what you choose to wear but that doesn’t have to detract from how good you look.

With the hot temperatures, many tend to ditch their pants or jeans for shorts to make life a little cooler for themselves. However, discovering the pair that suits your needs may not be an easy task. Not being worn regularly can leave some not knowing which type to wear. Some shorts may look great but not ideal for your purposes. Luckily, these days many exist, some of which will be briefly looked at here.

Keeping Active

While not to be worn in an office, active shorts should certainly be an essential item for you if you like to keep yourself fit and trim, or not! Swimming in the pool or even going for a run can be handled easily in both style and functionality by these shorts. They can be worn casually too which may suit you if you lead a busy life and don’t have time to be wasting on which shorts you should pick to wear. Good active shorts usually have plenty of deep pockets to ensure nothing falls out if you are on the move.

Back in Fashion

Jean shorts, sometimes known as jorts, appear to be making a reappearance in the style stakes this summer. Usually associated with middle-aged men, like other fashion items that were seen to be undesirable, these shorts have become one of the must-haves for your summer wardrobe. A wide selection of these shorts is available, even by the top designers of this modern era, such as Gucci or Saint Laurent. These styles of shorts have always been around, maybe now is the time for you to get involved in the revolution that seems to be taking place.

Body Conscious

It’s not uncommon for women to worry about how they look. The onset of good weather can have some feeling very body-conscious as they aim to look their best in a new pair of shorts. Confidence can be very easily affected if you don’t manage to pull off the look you wish for.  Fortunately for women these days, slimming shorts and other types of shapewear can ensure you come out looking your best. Simply wearing these garments helps change the shape of your body and allows you to relax and enjoy whatever you are doing without fretting about your appearance. They may quickly become an essential part of your wardrobe.

Looking Casual

When it comes to summer clothes and looking casual yet still impressive, stylish yet smart, chino shorts are still a wildly popular choice with the masses. Where jorts may not be seen as acceptable in the workplace when temperatures are soaring, if the dress code is not that strict chinos may be the answer if you feel the weather is just too hot to suffer through the day in a pair of pants. Teamed up with the right shirt to make the perfect combination, you may find people sneaking admiring glances towards your outfit and be on the receiving end of numerous compliments to brighten up your day.

An Ongoing Conundrum

As with any item of clothing, there will always be a style that seems to divide opinion. Cargo shorts seem to be the source of constant debate among the fashion community. While not seen as the most attractive type of shorts to wear, many sing their praises for a variety of other reasons. Being suitable to wear to the majority of occasions is always a bonus to die-hard fans who prefer the shorts look. They are very comfortable to wear and of course, retain numerous pockets for you to lose things in! A simple crop top teamed up with cargo shorts can spice up your look instantly.


With the good weather coming to an end, you must be sure to take advantage while it lasts. You may be kicking yourself once the weather cools and the evenings start to close in again. Having been restrained by pants or skirts for the rest of the year, there is nothing like embracing the beautiful freedom of a fine pair of shorts. This is only a small selection of the vast range of shorts available and indeed browsing through department stores could be fun in itself if you go with some friends and make it a day out shopping for the style that suits you best. Often these days, many partake in shopping online for shorts due to the ease and convenience.