5 secret ways to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility to the recruiters

LinkedIn is, by far, one of the most resourceful social networks prevailing. Do you want to market your business? Do you wish to hire professionals or maybe you want to get hired? LinkedIn is the answer to all your business-related needs. Although there are LinkedIn profile writing services available to help you out, we do have some beans to spill today to help your profile get more views. 

However, the right people must visit your profile. Only that way both the parties can be benefitted. Naturally, some of the profiles may not surface because of several reasons. A few changes to your Linkedin profile can bring a world of difference. Here are 5 secret ways to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility to the recruiters. 

Public profile 

You get a few seconds to impress the one who is viewing your profile. First of all, make sure that your profile is public. It depends on you how much you want to share with them. Go to Privacy and Settings option and then select “Edit your public profile”. Multiple options will appear in front of you so you can choose the ones you want to show. 

Moreover, the viewers should feel connected to you after they visit your profile. Please keep it simple but also genuine. One of the most important things is that your profile should pop up instantly in the search results when someone is looking for you. 

•Introduction Card 

Introduction card is the first thing that people notice when they visit your profile. You get to write a few things about yourself, be it personal or professional. One must make sure that after reading your introduction, the viewer longs to know you more. Include your achievements, show off your skills and be precise about it. 

Search for prominent keywords that you can comprise in your introduction. It will help bring out your profile when someone is searching for people like you. Choose a catchy headline which describes your profession the best in a witty way. Alongside, your profile picture, as well as your cover picture, speaks volumes about you and your profession. 

Put up high-quality pictures of yourself in which you are dressed formally and looking directly at the camera. All the same, things go for your cover picture. You can even get it designed by an expert to leave a long-lasting impression on your viewers. Make fair use of these features to stand out from the crowd. 


Be it any platform, the key to success is being consistent. LinkedIn is great for business purposes like recruiting, etc. but its use is not limited to these things. You can obtain lots of useful information too. Post content regularly on Linkedin related to your profession to attract more viewers. 

Share the work of others or create your content, do it! The use of relevant hashtags can make a big difference as your posts will appear in more search results. If you post regularly, you will automatically increase the credibility of your work. 

For instance, if you are into sales, then you can share your tips on how to increase sales of a business. Plus, this will make your page grow that will lead to more visibility. Growing one’s engagement is the most challenging part, but with these few tweaks, you can do it easily in no time. 

•Grow your network 

It is quite evident that people will question your credibility when they check out your profile. If you have a minor network, it may raise some doubts. Moreover, this social platform is for you to go all out and do your thing. Do not restrict yourself from connecting to people or several groups. 

Just keep one thing in mind that your network is build up of quality people. Connect with your friends, their friends of friends who are also known as second-degree network. Get involved in various groups which will increase the probability of being mutual with your viewer. 

When the recruiters go through your network, they will be convinced that you are genuine. Target your audience as it will benefit you in the long run. Also, do not waste your time on groups or individuals who are not from your niche. LinkedIn Profile writing services assist you in making your profile impressive so you can always reach out to them. 

•Pay attention to small details 

If budget is not an issue for you, do consider upgrading your Linkedin plan. You will have access to several features which will surely benefit you. Recommendations are an essential part of your profile so see to it that you have plenty. 

Viewers will be relieved by knowing that you are not new to this. Additionally, you can customize your URL to gain a higher ranking in the search results. If you are active on other social media platforms or you have shared your work there then attach links of them. 

Firstly, focus on making your profile the absolute best. When someone views your account, the person should be so impressed that he/she will contact you instantly. Also, see to it that overall your profile is professional, formal, yet enjoyable. 

Final Words 

These were the 5 secret ways to increase your LinkedIn profile visibility to the recruiters. Try incorporating these changes in your profile that are mentioned above to see the difference. You can also consider seeking help from LinkedIn Profile writing services

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