5 Signs It’s Time to Go to the Eye Doctor

Over 12 million Americans have eye problems, which shows vision ailments are more popular than you think. 

Not seeking help for poor eyesight can impact your quality of life and put others at risk. Because of this, seeking professional help is crucial as an ophthalmologist can suggest the right treatment. Perhaps you’ve noticed a change in your vision but you’re not sure whether it’s something to worry about.  

Does this sound like you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are five signs you should visit an eye doctor.  

1. Sudden Blurry Vision 

A major reason to start going to the optometrist is if you experience sudden blurry vision. Pay attention to when you’re reading or looking at nearby objects close it could indicate farsightedness, otherwise known as astigmatism. You should also seek help if your vision fluctuates between being clear and blurred as it could signify other issues. 

2. Frequent Headaches 

Getting frequent headaches could mean you have poor eye health. Notice if there’s a throbbing pain behind your eyes or brows as it could mean your eyes are working in over-drive to compensate for a problem in your vision. 

Persistent headaches are also caused by digital eye strain, where your eyes are affected by the blue light emitted from your computer or phone screen. If this is the case, your optometrist may suggest wearing blue light lenses to solve the issue.  

3. Trouble Seeing at Night 

Anyone who has vision issues at night should consider going to the eye doctor. If you struggle to read road signs in the evening and are uncomfortable driving at night, book an appointment with an optometrist. It could be because you’re suffering from night blindness, which is often the first symptom of a cataract.   

4. You Notice Consistent Floaters  

Aside from persistent eye pain, patients with vision problems may notice floaters. These are common after you see a bright light but if this is persistent, browse eye care specialists in your area.

You should also seek help if you’re struggling to see out of the sides of your eyes. This could be a sign of retinal detachment, which can cause permanent problems if ignored.   

5. Red and Swollen Eyes 

Red, inflamed eyes are often caused by pink eye. Your eyes may be sensitive to light and even emit crusty discharge. Although it’s tempting to ignore these symptoms, these mean you have a viral or bacterial infection so it’s important to reach out to an eye doctor for their advice. 

If it is pink eye, your optometrist will likely prescribe medication such as antibiotics. 

Visit an Eye Doctor Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know when to see an eye doctor. 

There is a range of symptoms that you should look out for such as having blurred vision, persistent floaters, and frequent headaches. You should also seek professional help if you have swollen eyes and struggle to see at night. Good luck! 

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Author Name: Ester Adams

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