5 Signs You Need Window Repair in the Winter

Did you know that most homeowners spend $4,000 for home repair?

Keeping your windows intact can help you save in the long run. Maybe you just had someone accidentally snap the antenna off your car and are left with a gaping hole.

Or perhaps your family recently pitched a tent in your backyard and accidentally broke some of your windows. How would you know whether to hire window repair services or window repair experts?

Keep on reading to learn 5 tips on when you need to call the pros!

1. High Energy Bills

Drafty windows can let in cold air, and a cold home forces your furnace to work overtime. This not only wastes energy, but drives up your energy bills.

In extreme cases, you may even see frost or ice on your windows, which is another sign that your windows are not sealing properly. Looking to find out when to replace windows in general? Click the link for more.

2. Broken or Missing Panes

If you see any cracks or chips in your window panes, or if your window is broken, it’s time to get a window replacement. Even if the damage is minor, it can quickly turn into a bigger problem in the winter.

With the cold weather and the wind, those tiny cracks will start to spread. And if you have a window with a broken or missing pane, you’re not only letting in the cold air, but you’re also putting your home at risk for burglary.

3. Paint Peeling or Rotting Frames

If you notice any paint peeling or rotting on your window frames, it’s a good indication that water has seeped in and is causing damage. You might also notice condensation or ice buildup between the panes of glass, which is another sign of a water leak. If your windows are drafty or difficult to open and close, it’s likely that the sealant around the frame is no longer effective.

4. Drafts or Chilly Spots Near Windows

If you start to notice drafts or chilly spots near your windows, it may be a sign that you need window repair. With the cold weather setting in, it’s important to make sure that your windows are properly sealed and insulated in order to keep your home warm. If you ignore the problem, it could lead to more serious issues like frozen pipes or excessive moisture build-up.

5. Ice Buildup

Ice buildup around your windows is a sure sign of a draft, and it means that your windows are no longer properly sealing in heat. Not only is this a waste of energy and money, but it can also be a safety hazard.

Watch Out for These Window Repair Signs

If you notice any of these window repair signs, it’s time to call a professional for window repair. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse like ice buildup, drafts or chilly spots, paint peeling, missing panes, and high energy bills. Take care of the issue now and be comfortable all winter long.

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