5 Things to Learn from Preschool in Wakad

Preschools are the first time in a child’s life when they are separated from the comfort and security of their parents and home. It is the first place where the child builds up their self-esteem and learns the importance of various things. The skill which a child develops in their preschool plays a major role and had a great impact on the child’s later development and attitude. It has been seen that the children who are taught at an early age have improved social skills and less behavioral problems as compared to those who do not attend preschools.

A child’s first year at preschool is filled with wondrous moments. The skills learned at this trust can set up a child for lifetime. Read more to find out the 5 best things a child can learn at their preschool :

1. Letters and sounds
Kids learn to recognize and name all the 26 upper case letters as well as some of the lowercase letters, since lower case letters are more difficult to learn at this stage. The children also learn to recognize their first name along with other important and meaningful words such as Mom, Dad. The teachers at preschool also help the kids to create a connection between the letters and sounds and understand the sounds that letters make while speaking.

2. Basic shapes and colors
Colors and shapes are the building block of the child’s cognitive development. Colors and shapes are the most important way in which we categorize the various aspects and elements of our world. However on the other hand it takes a little longer for the children to grasp the concept of shapes. But this is also a very important task as these form the basics of geometry later on in life.

3. Numbering and counting
The first math skill a preschooler learns is to identify what the numerals 0 to 9 look like and then name them. Teachers at preschools in Wakad and near areas help the kids to recognize the numbers correctly by various techniques such as asking them to count the number of toys they have or give them illustrative numbers worksheets. The playschools encourage kids to learn math by providing block or button to count and make patterns. The teachers even ask the kids to point out numbers of children playing during snack time to help them learn numbers through daily activities.

4. Cutting and drawing
Children express their ideas through unique ways which could be either painting, drawing or anything else. But creativity in the form of drawing is the most important skill as it teaches the child to express his imagination on a sheet of paper. The children start using scissors to cut out shapes which develop better eye-hand coordination in them and improve their motor skills. As a result, they gradually start drawing a coloring much more than just scribbles. At this stage, it is also important for them to learn the use of pencils, paint brushes and glues.

5. Socializing and sharing
When you admit your child to a preschool, Visit the Website of the school’s and checks the overall environment of school. This can be done by making observations about the events and games that children participate in socializing is the most important skill that a child learn at preschool.

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