5 Tips to Have a Clean Fresh House

A clean, fresh house is one of the essential factors in maintaining a healthy home. Dust and dirt clog up your filter and make your house collect bacteria. 

A clean and clutter-free home will also give you peace of mind and provide an excellent environment for you and your family to enjoy. It can take a while to get your house to this point. 

The key is not to give up and always keep working on it. Remember that it gets easier over time, and the more you clean and tidy, the easier it will get.

1. Scrub and clean the bathroom regularly

The bathroom is one of our house’s most used rooms and can also get dirty quickly. You bring in dust and bacteria every time you shower or use the toilet. The bathtub, sink, and bathroom are especially susceptible to bacteria growth. It is essential to scrub down all surfaces regularly, particularly if you have children. 

They will make a mess out of anything they can reach without fail. As they age, they will become more responsible with their belongings, but until then, it’s your job to keep their bathroom clean.

2. Dishes should be washed right away

The dishwasher is a fantastic invention, for sure. It will save you time and effort, but it also creates problems once in a while. If your dishwasher has been unused for a few weeks, you can let it accumulate bacteria. 

Once the dishwasher has built up bacteria, the result is that mold starts to grow on the dishes, which can cause food poisoning or a significant hygiene problem for your family. It’s important to wash dishes right away to avoid this. You can also reduce the risk of food poisoning and other problems by cleaning your dishes in hot water, using a scrub brush, and using container soap instead of dishwasher soap.

3. Put everything away after use

A clean and tidy house will come naturally if you put everything away after use. It can be anything from a couch cushion to a remote control. Once you get in the habit of putting things back in their rightful place, it’s less work than it sounds, and you won’t find yourself cursing aloud, looking for something that you know should be somewhere in your room. It also prevents children from getting into trouble by rummaging through the living room drawers and getting into your things.

4. Sweep, mop and vacuum daily

It is essential to keep an eye on the floor of your house. If you can’t see the floor, it’s much easier to step on something left behind and break something or hurt yourself. Sweep, mop and vacuum daily using Ecovacs, and you’ll never have to worry about losing something expensive or getting injured by a coffee table leg. 

It would be best if you also didn’t overlook the windowsills in your house. These are prone to collecting dust, dirt, and even bugs which will be hard to eliminate if they go unnoticed for long enough.

5. Sanitize

It is the most effective way to kill bacteria and clean your house. It’s essential to wash your hands frequently and to use a disinfectant when you don’t have time to wash them. Disinfectants kill germs and viruses on hard surfaces such as floors, countertops, and tabletops. 

Still, they will not kill bacteria in the sink, toilet, or bathtub, so ensure you utilize these areas. Make sure that any potential food in the sink has been appropriately cooked using a cooking thermometer for safety reasons.

Keeping the house clean around the clock using Ecovacs is essential, not just once a week or on weekends. It takes time, but with a little effort, you will see your house transforming into a cleaner and more organized place. Remember that you must work at it daily to maintain this cleanliness. A new home is the best place to start – you’ll feel better, your family will benefit, and everyone will be able to enjoy it.