5 Trending Entrepreneur Training Courses suitable for Post-Pandemic Era

Starting one’s own company is seldom easy. It is still highly sought after mainly because of the autonomy and the profit potential it offers. For those willing to hop on to the entrepreneurship wagon, it comes with its own set of unique challenges. There is no doubt that most entrepreneurs may learn many things from their mistakes since there’s no better teacher in the world than one’s failures. 

But think of a situation where all those learnings can be delivered right to you without any hassle. Some lessons such as leading a team, managing the books, planning on marketing strategies etc., can be taught well in a classroom setting. Cutting edge entrepreneur education offered by Genius Group for entrepreneurs, students, parents, teachers & more can massively help cut the learning curve short. 

Here in this guide, we have enlisted the top 5 trending entrepreneurship courses you can take to get an edge over your competition in the post-pandemic age:

Essential Entrepreneurship Basics

This course deals with the basics of entrepreneurship or Entrepreneurship 101. With the balanced combination of video lectures and interactive exercises, you will get the know-how on the most common myths surrounding entrepreneurship, how to perform goal setting, identify and tap into opportunities, etc. 

Selecting one’s target audience and then performing market research is also a vital step on the way. After that is taken care of, the course will help design and test the product or service you are keen on offering. Finally, it will also include the basics of business logistics and correctly pitch your product or service to the right buyer.

Financial Analysis

Starting a company requires a thorough understanding of financial terminology and elements. Getting a proper grasp of these concepts is always a good idea. This course is for people interested in starting their ventures and who want to see them grow to great heights. Proper business decisions rely on financial analysis, knowledge of funding sources, the viability of a new product or service, stock valuations, other business opportunities etc. You will no longer feel that the financial world is a mystery and will see the difference.

Essentials of E-Commerce

This kind of entrepreneurship course helps students with the fundamentals of setting up a successful e-commerce business. E-Commerce is an excellent channel for establishing your business and can help you achieve massive ROI. They also help people find the right product, get a competitive outlook on things, choose the right platform from where you can sell, go down to the core basics of marketing plan design, etc. This course will be ideal for fresh entrepreneurs or for people looking for a feasible side hustle to create passive income so that they have all the necessary skills at the end of the course.

Investments and Funding

Entrepreneurship courses on investment and funding should be your go-to-choice if you are thinking of getting investments from outside your business. These courses mainly deal with the financial challenges faced by entrepreneurs when they are looking to fund their startups. It covers all the necessary areas, from how much money you can raise to where you can get the funding. 

Coming up with a reasonable valuation for the company is also a crucial task for budding entrepreneurs, and this course can come in handy for that. This course also involves learning structure funding, exit decisions, employment contracts, private equity, and many other things.

SEO Training

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you grab the eyeballs for your venture in the online world. This course uses techniques to evaluate your current SEO strategy and develop a fresh approach to take your business forward. It will also provide valuable pointers on identifying the specific areas where you can improve your tactics. The course is designed to decide your own pace through a series of interactive tools that help you regularly track your progress.

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