5 Trending hat styles for men that will be much in vogue in 2021

Hats are functional and stylish, which has helped them become a permanent feature of men’s wardrobes. When talking of elegant fashion accessories for men, hats are above watches because of their versatility and affordability. But men want to focus more on hats that help them change their appearance in the shortest time and with minimal investment.  The range of hats for men is quite exhaustive, from the straw fedora hat to snapbacks and from bucket hats to baseball caps, the options are many. Regardless of the hat style, each one is versatile, functional, and appealing in its way. It is up to the wearer to know how to get the most from fashion and style. 

Hats are suitable for any season and highly practical, making them the most sought-after accessory for all kinds of weather conditions: sun or rain, hail or snow. A hat will make you feel more comfortable by keeping you warm and dry in the cold seasons while maintaining a cool head during the summer heat without allowing the weather to get the better of you. Hats are available for all kinds of outfits, be it casual or classy, and gives completeness to the ensemble that exudes confidence.  

Here are some of the trending men’s hat styles that you can discover at Americanhatmakers.com.

  1. Fedora

When you try to create a list of trending hats at any point in time, the Fedora hat will surely top the list because of its ability to stand the test of time and maintain its appeal through the years despite changing fashion trends. In addition, Hollywood contributed considerably to popularize the Fedora hat among men that at one time was a must-have accessory for numerous characters in films.

Between the 1920s and 1950s, the hat was an obvious choice of gangsters in films. Even during the last decades of the 20th century, it retained its popularity, as evident from the Indiana Jones movie franchise heralded by Richard Harrison playing the lead role. As a result, the firm brimmed felt hat is a trend in men’s fashion that adds fantastic value to the wardrobe. Although various fedoras are available in terms of colors and sizes, sticking to some neutral colors only enhances the versatility of the quintessential unisex hat.

  • Trilby

Close at the heels of Fedora come to the Trilby, a hat that has many similarities with fedoras but has its distinctive features too. However, you must be careful not to confuse a trilby for fedora. The confusion arises because the hats look much similar, but the way of wearing them is different. The brim of the trilby hat is shorter and tilted down in the front, and the crown is taller. On the other hand, Fedoras have wider brims, and wearing it at a much more level angle is the norm. The trilby is ideal for wearing during spring or autumn as you must wear it at the back of your head, and you do not need shade as the weather is milder. The fashion quotient of the hat surpasses its functionality, as you can see Justin Timberlake adoring it.

  • Panama hat

The Panama hat is perfect in a beach setting when you spend a long time at the beach, allowing the sun to kiss your body except for the face. You can picture yourself in a white linen shirt and Panama hat, casually strolling along the seaside.  The wide-brimmed straw hat hails from Ecuador and is made from plaited leaves. The hat is a must-have for you in tropical destinations where the sea beckons you.  The hat is season-specific and a summer accessory that does not have any use if you plan to cross the icy terrains. The hats are lightweight and come in lighter shades of color, easy to wear, breathable, and have all the traits of the laid-back beach style.

  • Bowler hat

The hat has its roots in the British culture and made famous by ‘The Universal Tramp’ Charlie Chaplin and other actors like John Cleese and Curly Howard. The stiff felt hat has a narrow brim that people commonly refer to as derby. The appeal of the hat cut across the classes. The upper-class people like it as much as those belonging to the lower and middle classes. When wearing this hat, make sure that your outfit has British accents because that is how it can look the way the world knows it.

  • Bucket hat

The nineties marked the comeback of the Bucket hat that continues to maintain its popularity in the new century. The hat gained popularity by featuring in skater and musical subcultures and has become a fabulous fashion accessory with its roots in the humble fisherman’s hat. Denim and canvas or similar heavy-duty cotton fabric is the staple material for the hat with downward sloping brims that appear like an inverted bucket.