5 Ways Marketing Tactics Help You Achieve Success

When you have a plan to follow, you achieve more. You can check off each goal and move to the next one. So what’s your plan to grow your business?

Right now, your business may need help because sales are on a steady decline. If that’s happening, you aren’t by yourself. Sales slumps happen to the best of businesses.

More than likely, you’ve already thought of ways to increase sales. You could hire more staff, buy bigger and better tech equipment or renovate your building. As you know, those purchases cost money you may not have.

An inexpensive solution for businesses staying on budget is implementing some marketing tactics.

The proven strategies we’re sharing with you will help you gain exposure to more customers, so you move more products and services out your front door.

Try these marketing tactics to get back in the game

1. Videos are in

Did you know that putting a video on a landing page can increase conversions?

There’s a reason for that.

They help promote your brand because customers like watching interactive videos. They feel like they’re a part of your success and learn how a product or service can make their lives easier. Customers also see your passion and connect with your vision.

Rather than click away, videos keep your customers on the page, so they’re more likely to consider making a purchase when responding to a clear call to action. According to Invodo, a visual content specialist, 52% of customers are more confident about making online purchases after watching videos.

And videos serve more than one purpose. You can alert customers to upcoming events, new blog content, or announce a product launch.

Another reason to make videos is to include links to emails, newsletters, and other content describing your products and services. There’s also another interesting statistic to note. Up to 92% of mobile video watchers share videos with others.

2. Blog away every day

Without spending additional money, you can create fantastic content that inspires.

Customers like fresh content they haven’t seen at ten other sites. Along with telling people how your product or service can change lives, create a blog post where you interview one or more happy customers. While your blog is away, you build trust with your customers and include links to products’ offers.

Use SEO to rank for specific keywords to drive organic traffic. You should post frequently, and your articles should be a minimum of 1,000 words. Furthermore, the Google algorithm prefers applicable content, faster websites, and mobile-friendly sites.

Blogging helps you build a community of customers who tell others about your business. Don’t hesitate to share your secrets about how to run a business, create the best product or service, and what aspects of your business you like and dislike.

Make sure to invite readers to leave comments and provide social media buttons so they can share your content. When you build a library of blog posts, you can use the content to create an ebook or paperback to give away or sell.

3. Online contests or giveaways

Customers love to compete for prizes.

Give something away they want. Offer a packaged bundle and announce that one prize contains a $500 coupon or another amount they can use when shopping at your online store. You could also offer your products and services at a discount.

Marketing expert, Hubspot, reported that one-third of contestants sign up to receive email updates. If you launch a mobile contest, expect the number of entrants to increase eightfold.

How will this type of marketing campaign drive sales?

A contest creates a visitor boost to discover your brand, increase conversion rates, and develop leads. When you create a niche audience, you can target customers interested in buying what you sell.

4. Create customer loyalty programs

By reaching out to existing customers, you increase your chances of garnering repeat sales.

You can issue member cards with IDs so customers can log into your website and track their purchases or take advantage of discounts.

Some businesses have a points system, for example, one point for every dollar they spend. They can then redeem the points to reduce the cost of a purchase. Furthermore, you may want to set up a tiered-reward program to give more rewards to customers who spend the most.

Not only do customers feel appreciated, but you can gather data by asking them to fill out profiles to target their shopping needs. Customer loyalty programs are another way to communicate information to your buyers.

Make sure you switch between different loyalty programs to retain customer interest and add variety to the campaign.

5. Host teaching courses

You can sponsor a field day at your business location or rent space at a community center to teach others about what your company offers.

Make sure to include a question and answer session to create more interest and use social media platforms for advertising the event. Before conducting the teaching course, create a testimonial page of customers who can vouch for your expertise.

You can also partner with other entrepreneurs in your industry to team-teach, so all of you benefit. As you conduct the course, have someone tape your live class so you can offer it online to provide an additional marketing stream. When attendants leave, hand out discount coupons, they can use when shopping.

Another investment that will pay off is to hire an experienced translator to translate your courses into other languages to expand your audience.

How does it feel about moving toward success?

Doing nothing to achieve success isn’t an option. Anyone can use the five marketing tactics mentioned in the post to drive sales, connect with customers, and share information about their business.

Positive steps forward and hard work can help your business succeed.

So, are you ready to maneuver your business to the next level by learning how to use marketing tactics?

You may be surprised how quickly you can position your business for exponential growth.