6 Bathroom Upgrades for a High-End Interior

If your current bathroom appears worn or out-of-date, you may feel an urge to give it a modern makeover and turn into a spa-like oasis. As you may not have an endless pot of money for a remodel, you can introduce clever products and tactics to give it a more luxurious feel without the large price tag.

Don’t settle for an uninviting space. Learn about six bathroom upgrades for a high-end interior.

  1. A Freestanding Bathtub

Few bathroom furniture items are more luxurious than a freestanding bathtub; a modern design which will become an instant focal point, as it will create a spa-like experience to make your loved ones wants to slide into some soapy bubbles. The lavish bathtub will serve as the perfect antidote after a long, stressful day.

  1. A Rainfall Shower Head

A rainfall shower head not only feels luxurious, but it looks it. This upgrade will add style and sophistication to your interior while providing the perfect start to your day. The cascading shower will wash away your worries, making you feel clean and fresh each day. Plus, you can choose different sizes, designs and materials to complement your interior, such as a round, chrome rainfall shower head or a square, brushed bronze design.

  1. A Vertical Radiator

Add warmth, style and luxury into a bathroom with a contemporary vertical radiator. Warm Rooms provides many designs to choose from to complement your taste and bathroom’s size. For instance, you could install a flat panel vertical radiator, a column design, or a slimline style. A modern radiator will draw the eye and ensure your bathroom stands out in your guests’ minds.

  1. A Skylight

You’ll never regret incorporating a skylight into your bathroom. It will allow ample natural light to flow into the room, creating a tranquil, inviting oasis in the home. If you’re worried about privacy as you soak in a bathtub or take a shower, you can choose a skylight with a tinted glass pane. 

Be aware that a skylight will increase your room’s temperature, as sunlight will warm up the space. Create a cooler environment while injecting a little extra luxury by installing electronic blinds to shield the room from the sun and prevent glare.

  1. A Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is the epitome of bathroom luxury. A modern design will create a more elegant interior while increasing your bathroom’s floor space. Pick from different materials to complement your décor and desired atmosphere. For example, a wooden floating vanity with a stone countertop will add warmth, texture and luxury to your bathroom.

  1. A Neutral Color Scheme

Bright colors will make your bathroom appear cheap and uninviting. A neutral color scheme will create a more high-end interior that will make you want to spend much of your spare time in the space. White or gray are ideal choices for a deluxe bathroom and will allow colorful accents to pop. Also, a neutral backdrop will improve your bathroom’s versatility, as you can shake up the style with minimal hassle and effort.

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