6 Invisalign Benefits You Haven’t Thought Of

If you are considering improving the appearance of your smile, then Invisalign aligners are truly your best choice. Using a series of medical-grade plastic aligners, regularly upgraded, your teeth will gradually move into a straight position. When it comes to Invisalign vs braces, it isn’t even a contest -Invisalign is the far superior choice.

The most obvious benefit of Invisalign is that it straightens teeth and gives you a smile to be proud of. That said, there is a range of other Invisalign benefits that we will look at in this blog post. From reduced times to better dental hygiene and fewer dental visits, Invisalign really is the perfect choice.

1. Significantly Faster Than Braces

Traditionally, many people have been put off from having braces due to the time it takes to see a result. People with metal braces often have to wear them for several years; if you are an adult, this may not appeal to you.

However, with Invisalign, most people finish their treatment within12 to 18 months. You’ll even start to see encouraging results within a few short weeks. You can even get fillings done by an invisalign dentist in paramus.

2. Comfortable and Convenient

Metal braces, with their sharp edges that can dig into cheeks, fill many people with a sense of dread. There’s also considerable difficulty when it comes to cleaning the braces, especially after eating.

On the other hand, Invisalign is far more comfortable and convenient. In fact, you’ll probably even forget you are wearing them! There’s no jagged edge, and they are invisible, so no one will have any idea that you are wearing them.

3. Corrects Troublesome Teeth

Many people assume that Invisalign works best for teeth that only need a small amount of correcting. However, the InvisalignSmartForce attachments allow for complicated dental movements designed to straighten even the most crooked of teeth.

4. Supports Better Dental Hygiene

Unlike with metal braces, you won’t need to wear Invisalign all the time. You can take your Invisalign braces off when eating food and brushing your teeth. Being able to remove your Invisalign braces helps to ensure that your dental hygiene routine is maintained, which is naturally incredibly important.

5. Fewer Dental Visits

With Invisalign braces, you’ll have appointments with your dentist every four to six weeks. Generally, these visits are short and sweet. Changing into your new aligners is simple and much less complicated than appointments with metal braces.

6. Eat What You Like

As noted above, you will be able to remove your braces whenever you need to eat or drink. As you don’t have to worry about damaging your braces while you eat, you can have far more confidence when eating and more variety in your diet.

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Realize These Invisalign Benefits for Yourself

If you are looking to straighten your teeth and discover a brand new smile, then Invisalign braces are the perfect option. In terms of convenience, comfort, appearance, and dental hygiene, they are a far superior option to traditional metal braces.

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