6 Qualities That Make a Competent Computer Forensics Investigator

Are you the one who enjoys the thought of investigating cyber criminal activities and taking down criminals but aren’t sure about the job role and its requirements?Since information technology has become an essential asset to companies, there is an increasing demand for computer forensics investigators who can look after cybersecurity and investigate crimes such as data theft. These professionals use special techniques to gather and analyze data on computer systems. Their job role includes finding the person who committed cyber criminal activity to resolve complex litigation.

Besides, these professionals are well acquainted with the state laws regarding a security breach. Since computer forensics has become a vastly popular field, several organizations, law enforcement agencies, and government representatives prefer to hire competent lawyers.

However, in this article, we’ve discussed five qualities that make a competent computer forensic investigator. Aspiring students who wish to build their careers in the field of law may benefit from this article.

1.       An Understanding of Law and Criminal Activity

No professional can perform in the capacity of this job role without having a firm understanding of the law and criminal activities. This knowledge helps them to identify and track down criminals and the amount of loss they’ve caused to the victim through their illicit activities. A competent computer forensic investigator know show to present their evidence in the court of law. Their strong understanding of law helps them to strengthen their case through valid evidence.

However, the increasing crime rate has created a surge in demand for such professionals. Hence more people are looking to pursue this career and enrolling themselves in criminology degree online education programs. These programs help students to gain a strong understanding of criminal law and equip them with the right knowledge, skills, and expertise for a successful career.

2.       Keen Attention to Detail

When it comes to technology, a successful computer forensics investigator must know the ins and outs of every device used during an investigation. These professionals are well equipped with the methods required to deal with complex information for careful examination.Specifically,when reading a code or creating an algorithm, he or she must know that one wrong entry can render both the code and algorithm useless.Since cyber investigation includes collecting and analyzing huge data sets, it is pertinent for the investigator to handle and analyze each and every bit of data carefully. The ability to pay keen attention to every minute detail helps them to present a strong case in court.

3.       Strong Analytical and Communication Skills

A competent investigator knows how to analyze the information collected during the investigation. It further helps them to develop logical connections between the information and evidence collected from various sources. They may pick up discrepancies in data and plan their next move to proceed with the investigation. The analytical skills are further helpful in building a strong case against the opponent.

Once the investigator successfully carries out his or her investigation, the next step is to present the information to the people to the authorities. They may also need to testify in court, which requires strong communication skills. Computer forensic investigators explain the case details by using technical terms. The investigator may also mention the loss the company had to incur due to this relentless cyber crime. Evidence, facts, and figures that are rightly communicated in the lawsuit help the lawyers to get the guilty charged of their crimes.

  • Firm Knowledge Related To Networking

As a forensic investigator, it is pertinent to know all about computer networking, such as LAN and different servers. This is because cyber crimes don’t occur over an isolated system but may affect every system connected to the LAN, specifically when a LAN admin fails to secures centralized data repository. Suppose malware entered a company’s network; this means every computer connected to the same network has a chance of getting infected. Hence, a computer forensic investigator will need to examine every hard drive to deduce the extent of the damage. However, in certain cases,investigators might need to work with IT teams depending upon the scale of the crime.

5.       Have the Curiosity to Learn More

Computer forensics is a fast-paced field. With every technological advancement, the field offers something important and new to learn. For example, you may need to pick up on cloud computing and big data and work out the elements behind their system. If you think you won’t have to continue learning once you earned your degree, you couldn’t be more wrong. Whenever the tech industry hits a new milestone, it is the job of computer forensics investigators to upgrade their knowledge and expertise related to the new developments taking place within the industry. Hence, a successful computer forensic investigator is always curious to grasp new knowledge and skills that can help them during their investigation.

6.       Have a Strong Stomach

You may wonder, what does that mean? Many fresh grads in criminology follow the assumption that becoming a computer forensic specialist is all about working with binary numbers. However, that is not true. Carrying out a criminal investigation means accessing a criminal’s space. These spaces can be the dark web which is notorious for harboring grotesque images and services. If you’re following a trail, it means you will need to investigate those images and mimic cyber criminals’ movements. In-case you’re working for a law enforcement agency, you may come across these grotesque and horrifying images to complete your investigation.

Wrap Up

Computer forensic investigators generally investigate all tech-related crimes. These professionals not only apprehend criminals but know how to try them legally. A competent computer forensic investigator must have a basic understanding of the laws and penalties that apply to cyber crimes. Apart from basic and advanced knowledge of these subjects, having strong interpersonal skills and a sharp eye for detail is mandatory. A successful investigator knows how to present their case. He or she further focuses on acquiring the latest tech trends and information related to cybersecurity systems. All in all, the above-mentioned skills are important as they help investigators to build a strong case against the opponent.

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