6-Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 7 for Free

Have you ever accidentally removed a file that was particularly important? Worry not; recovering permanently deleted files from Windows 7 can be done with the help of free data recovery software. In this blog, we provide handy DIY methods to restore your beloved documents and more – all without spending a penny! Utilise Stellar Free Data Recovery Software for an efficient solution in no time at all!

Factors Responsible for Data Loss

Data loss can be a harrowing experience, especially if you’re lacking essential official documents, Outlook files for your business or even beloved photos. Unfortunately it is all too common and may arise from diverse sources.

Human errors, be it accidental deletion or drive formatting, are the primary sources of data loss. Such an unfortunate event can occur due to a variety of reasons such as:

Pressing Shift + Del can lead to abrupt data loss, so it’s best to exercise caution and restraint when employing this keyboard shortcut. In an unexpected turn of events, a hard drive formatting occurred while attempting to remedy errors. CHKDSK utility offers a reliable solution to fixing corrupted hard drives, ensuring your data remains safe and intact.

Also, there are some other factors responsible for the permanent deletion of data from Windows 7:

Unwanted loss of data can occur when files are carelessly deleted, either through an unintended action or a deliberate one. Make sure to take extra caution with the content in your recycle bin!

A powerful malware or virus attack can cause significant disruption to a computer system, rendering it almost inoperable and unable to access crucial data. The malicious software has the potential of wreaking havoc on an individual’s digital life unless swiftly addressed with cyber security measures.

Even with the most advanced hard drives, it is not uncommon to have bad sectors. Careful monitoring of these imperfections allows us to keep our data safe and prevent long-term damage from occurring.

File systems are the very foundation of a computer, but malicious elements have been known to exploit its mechanisms for nefarious gains. Corruption within such structures can lead to disastrous consequences and must be addressed with efficiency and dedication by all parties involved.

Despite the dire circumstances, you can still recover your deleted files on Windows 7 through reliable do-it-yourself (DIY) methods. To ensure a successful recovery process, please familiarize yourself with these crucial points before commencing.

How Did You Delete Files?

When discussing data deletion, there are typically three scenarios which must be considered:

1. File Deletion with the ‘Del’ key

If you have inadvertently removed any of your files or folders, the Recycle Bin offers a solace. Explore this one-stop location for all deleted items and restore them to their original locations with ease.

2. File Deletion with ‘Shift+Del’ Key

Be aware – if you’ve ever used the ‘Shift+Del’ key to delete files from your system or external storage device, they won’t be retrievable. Those files are gone for good and can no longer reside in Recycle Bin nor any other folder.

3. Drive Formatting

Formatting a drive may seem like the easy solution, but it comes with severe consequences. All data on the disk will be irrecoverably lost once formatting is complete.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7 for Free?

Regaining access to lost information can be a tricky business, but not impossible. With the use of data backups or Stellar Free Data Recovery Software for instance, permanent deletion does not have to mean it’s gone forever.

1. Use Windows Backup & Restore (Windows 7)

To quickly and easily reclaim any lost files, the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) utility proves a reliable option. Schedule automatic backups on daily, weekly or monthly schedules to ensure important information remains safe; then follow this set of steps for efficiently restoring all data with Windows 7’s built-in resource.

Discover the customizable options available in the Control Panel by navigating to Start.  To safeguard essential data, open System and Security to access the Backup and Restore feature for Windows 7. If desired, you can easily access a backup of files by simply selecting the ‘Restore from Backup’ option depicted in the image.

When presented with the next prompt, decide whether you would like to restore your own files or those of all users. Your selection could have significant ramifications for either yourself or a multitude of other people – make sure you choose wisely!

Quickly and carefully choose the files to restore in order to bring them back into storage.

Make your selection between ‘Browse for files’ and ‘Browse for folder’, then proceed to the Next step!

Making the right decision on where to bring your valuable files back to life can be daunting; however, selecting the ideal location for restoring them is just a few clicks away.

2. Restore with File History

Being able to restore permanently lost data might seem impossible, but with “File History,” a Windows built-in backup utility that can be activated easily, your files and folders will remain safe. Should you experience any unwanted file loss in the future, simply follow these steps for restoring them quickly!

To access File History, navigate to the Control Panel and open it accordingly. From there you can explore an array of options for managing files on your computer.

Restore your personal files with a single click. See them appear on the screen, each one neatly organized by time of backup.

Embrace your chance for recovery; choose the files you would like to reclaim and click ‘Restore’!

Carefully select the destination for recovered files to ensure their safe preservation.

3. Restore from the backup storage drive

Having an external storage device, such as a HDD, SSD or USB connected to your Windows computer can help you keep backup of crucial files and folders. While this provides the convenience of quickly reverting back in case data is deleted inadvertently; unfortunately if those lost items are completely erased they cannot be retrieved without additional aid. Luckily top-notch data recovery software exists that can provide access to previously missing documents with ease.

4. Use a Free Data Recovery Software

Don’t stress if you’ve lost data, even permanently! By taking advantage of a specialized free tool like Stellar Free Data Recovery Software, recovery is still achievable. This user-friendly software can provide reliable results for any type of deletion scenario, from formatting to malware attacks; all it takes are three simple steps and your missing files could be restored in no time at all. Download the program now to experience hassle-free file retrieval on Windows 7 quickly and efficiently.

Expand your PC/laptop’s storage capabilities by connecting an external device. Utilize the power of technology to effortlessly expand your digital capacity with a few clicks!

Unlock the potential of Stellar Free Data Recovery for Windows and reinstate lost data on your PC today!

To ensure you have access to every file possible, select ‘Everything’ from the recovery selection screen and then proceed with next steps.

Easily recover your lost data such as Documents, Photos and Emails in a flash by selecting the desired file type.

Choose the source from which precious data was misplaced, and initiate a scan to recover it.

When the scan is complete, you can choose which files to retrieve and begin restoring them.

Get an exclusive preview of your data before restoring it with our advanced retrieval process.

To ensure your data is properly restored, select a location of your choice with the ‘Browse’ option; we recommend an external storage drive to avoid any unintended overwriting.

Now, initiate the process of recovering your file by pressing ‘Start Saving’!


In our modern, hectic lifestyles there is always the risk of data loss. Whether you have inadvertently shift+ deleted files or formatted your hard drive while attempting to fix an issue, these blunders are sure to cost us dearly in terms of precious information gone forever – unless we act quickly and efficiently! Fortunately with a backup system at hand this can be remedied but sometimes even backups cannot fully recover what was lost. For thorough restoration Stellar Free Hard drive Data Recovery software offers ultimate reliability; easy-to-use yet exceptionally powerful – it boasts comprehensive recovery capabilities for any kind of file erased accidentally, through formatting or corrupting processes etc.

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