6 small ideas to print packaging stickers–for Shopify sellers

Are you a Shopify seller? If so, then you know that promoting your business on social media can be easier than doing it manually. You are one step ahead of your competitors when you are interested in social media.

This is because of research that shows there are over 5.2 billion people on social media, and this implies that your company has a large audience from social media.

You can attract potential customers from all of these social media users, and the platforms can be a good place for people to learn about your business.

For example, on Reddit, you can get people in groups to discuss various eCommerce topics and ideas, and on Pinterest, you can find some business strategy articles. On INS you can get nice pictures and videos, while on Tiktok you can get a lot of short versioned videos. All of this implies that there are a lot of things to do on social media and that isa concept that you as a Shopify seller can devise.

You can use social media platforms to recommend what you are selling, reach a lot of audiences, and let them know how useful your product is.

Social Media Marketing Techniques

All in all, in order to sell successfully on social media, there are a few techniques you need to use. Using the wrong marketing technique can lead to a negative reaction to what you are promoting. For example, applying too much text where it is not needed can leave readers tedious and hesitant to understand what you are trying to promote. Accurate text, but filled with the right information for your audience to know, should be the way to go.

Users should get to know your product exactly without being disgusted. Even if you choose to do video marketing, your recordings should be intuitive.

Social media marketing can lead to accumulated traffic that can be very effective for your product promotion. However, as mentioned earlier, technology has to be by the wayside to achieve the desired goal.

Here we’d like to look at some ideas on how to print packaging stickers for social media use by Shopify sellers.

Inside or outside packaging

Before printing any stickers, make sure you put them inside or outside the box. each type is meant to serve a different purpose. For example, the outer sticker can be applied to indicate that what is inside the package is fragile and therefore care should be taken when moving, transporting, or packing.

Outside stickers can also be a way to market your packaged products.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor stickers, there are a few ideas you can use, and here are some of them.

  1. Print out stickers with some social media information

You decide whether you want to print stickers inside or outside with some social media information. You can let your customers know that those who post a video promoting your product can receive a gift. People love creative things and such stickers will encourage them to get involved in promoting your products.

Printing sticker with social media is easy even if you don’t have a sticker printer. There are ready made stickers that you can consider.

  • Print out some freebie stickers

Printing some freebie stickers is also one of the ideas. You can drive girls crazy. The cost of buying the sticker is not low, of course, but printing some exquisite giveaway stickers is one of your kindnesses to give your customers direct gifts.

  • Happy mail stickers

The Happy Mail stickers are designed to give your customers a moment of joy. Your customers should have more expectations and fun when they open Happy Mail stickers.

  • Let the secret be inside

Let the outside stickers be a refreshing idea, but the inside is a secret between you and your customers. The inside sticker should be a way to get to your customers and increase their aversion to your product.

  • Thank you sticker

 You can print thank you stickers to thank your customers for considering and appreciating your products. Having valuable customers is not that easy, and thanking those who found your product useful can be one way or another to further your dreams.

  •  Snap Tag Share Stickers

Snap tag share stickers can be another way to further promote your business. These are kinds of stickers that stimulate social media communication. It can attract potential customers as many will be drawn to the shots and publications as they mark your shop. It can be a very good impression, and many users are more willing to post occasionally to promote your business.


Stickers can be another way to reduce the distance between you and your prospects. You can use the sticker printing ideas above to have an effective sticker marketing technique. However, to have the freedom of what to print or not to print, you need a label printer or label marker. So get one for your business and watch your business rise to a higher level.

Vivek is a published author of Meidilight and a cofounder of Zestful Outreach Agency. He is passionate about helping webmaster to rank their keywords through good-quality website backlinks. In his spare time, he loves to swim and cycle. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin.