6 Things To Know About Center Stone Shape

Giving your partner an engagement ring that matches their personality and style is a perfect way to show how much you love and care for them. You should choose a unique center stone shape to give your loved one’s ring an elegant and sophisticated gleam. Here are things to know about center stone shapes for engagement rings:

1. The Round Cut Is Easy To Customize 

The round cut is the most popular center stone shape, loved for its easy customizability and brilliance. It offers a perfect balance of symmetry and proportion, making it easy to match with many settings. Choosing a setting for your round stone depends on your personal preference and creativity. A simple round diamond solitaire ring can look as good as a more complex choice like the three-stone ring. 

2. The Princess Cut Offers an Edgy Appeal 

The princess cut is suitable if you’re looking for a classic shape but don’t want the round cut. It’s edgy as it carries both feminine and architectural appeal. Its feminine appeal is brought on by the sparkle of the chosen gemstone, whereas its architectural appeal results from its sharp corners. The daring corners of the princess shape make it ideal for a solitaire setting. 

3. The Cushion Cut Allows for Versatility 

The cushion shape is unique because it can be cut differently, allowing its appearance to vary from one ring to another—it can be rectangular or square with rounded corners. The cushion cut is also unique because of its chameleon-like nature. When done in a vintage floral setting it appears vintage, but it can also appear modern when done as a solitaire. 

4. The Marquise Cut Looks Bigger Than Its Actual Carat Weight 

The marquise cut is a classic shape that has a rounded central shape and pointed ends that distinguish it from other basic-looking cuts. The cut’s elongated body makes it appear larger. You can buy the same carat weight as someone who buys another cut and have your center stone look bigger. 

This cut may be ideal if your partner values the size of their rings or if you want to celebrate your love with a unique ring. The shape was initially invented solely for the diamond, but its popularity has spread to other precious stones. This means you don’t have to reach a diamond’s price point to create the perfect look.

5. The Emerald Cut Denotes Sophistication 

The emerald cut is almost like the princess cut, but it’s more elongated and has a different faceting. Emerald-shaped center stones have large-step facets and corners that look like stairs. Their long lines accentuate their sophistication, making them ideal for people who enjoy classic rings with an edge. 

6. The Asscher Cut Offers Endless Sparkles 

The Asscher cut looks like the emerald cut, but it’s more square than rectangular. This makes it ideal for people who love the sophistication of the emerald cut but prefer a square shape. It features a high crown and large step facets that provide unparalleled brilliance. 

The cut’s sparkle can make a center stone look like it has an endless array of reflective mirrors. It also has a pointed culet, which draws an observer’s eye into the center of a stone and highlights its dazzling depth. This shape can work well with a halo setting, as it can add extra shine to the center stone. 

Engagement Rings: Finding the Perfect Stone Shape for Your Partner

Shopping for an engagement ring can be an exciting experience as you’ll come across many stone shape options with unique appeals. When it comes to engagement rings, there’s something for everyone, regardless of their personal preferences and style. Identify qualities most important to your partner before shopping for a ring to choose the right one.

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