6 Tips to Work from Home Base

Are you planning to work from home? Are you concerned about mixing your personal and professional work whilst working from home? Working from home can be challenging but it is one of the most emerging trends today.

Working from home is surely a luxury, because who wouldn’t want to stay in their comfort zone and work as a professional? Home-based jobs have been on a rise since the past few years and today, people prefer to work from home rather than allocating their time working in offices. With James Bond Suits you can explore a bunch of opportunities of working from home and ensure a rising future. Below are listed 6 tips that you can follow to work from home base:

Create A Designated Workplace

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to create a work station where you can sit upright and work professionally. Working from home must not mix up your professional and personal work. Allocate a separate room to yourself where no family members can enter. Do not choose a room where you can have access to television, refrigerator or bed. Choose aesthetic and comfortable furniture, including an ergonomic work chair and a desk. To avoid backaches, you can choose a suitable backrest. Choose a suitable background for professional video calls.

Make A Workflow And Stay Organized

As you are done with setting up a workstation at your home, now is the time to be organized. Plan out a workflow of the important tasks that you need to get done with. Make a list of the tasks along with their deadlines and time to invest in them. Allot some time to buffer something new and come up with initiatives. Place all your gadgets and essentials on your desk along with all the paperwork. Clean up the clutter from your desk and try to stay organized. Try to keep a record of all your documents and files on your computer rather than on paper – this will save your time and effort to search for the required document.

Since the digital era demands for a secure connection of technology, you must set up the best technology available so that you can minimize the technical glitches. You can go for a virtual private network (VPN) along with project management tools.

Block Distractions

The biggest challenge of working from home is to eliminate the presence of people. Blocking out people and distractions during your working hours is important to focus on your tasks. You must ensure to distance yourself from personal work and house chores. Avoid phone calls, kids, and housework such as cleaning and dusting during the rigid work hours. Apart from house chores, social applications are no less than a distraction for people working from home. Do not start scrolling down Facebook or YouTube. Try switching off your mobile data to use your phone only for calls.


Communication between remote employees is important. Maintain communication with your manager and team members. Audio and video calls with your team members to discuss your agendas and regular workflow is essential while working from home. Since you are at home, social isolation can be harmful, thus it is important to communicate with people virtually. As an employee, facetime with your manager and ask for his feedback. Whereas, as a manager, you must communicate with your team and keep a check on them. Organizing social interactions, chat sessions, and online discussions can help in building up a trusting team. Presentations form a vital part of all remote business communications today. Using PowerPoint templates can help managers create impactful business presentations.

Be Productive

Work out things according to the plan that you figured out. Do not rush into doing all the chores at the same time. Schedule the toughest tasks for the early morning and take things ahead slowly. You might want to consider making calls in the afternoon before lunchtime. Since you are working from home, you must ensure that you are being active physically and mentally. Work in chunks of 25-30 minutes and then take a walk for about 5 minutes and stretch your body to avoid backaches. Move away from the curtains and absorb sunlight, listen to music for a while or cherish some time with your kids while being productive and working from home.


Working from home is a blessing that you can cherish while being professional. The above-mentioned tips are essential to follow in order to maintain productive and healthy work from home. Focus on your tasks and maintain a list of the things that you target to accomplish in a day, make a separate work station for yourself where you can work undisturbed and block distraction and people to avoid delay in fulfilling your tasks. Good luck and go ahead with WFH!

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