6 Types of Plants To Keep Insects Away From Your Home

Dealing with household pests can be quite challenging, especially if all your best efforts aren’t having the desired results. No matter what potential home remedies you’re trying there may seem to be no end to the influx of insects and other critters.

Some people rely on the pest control Ballarat residents depend on to keep their homes insect free. While pest control is an effective solution to remove them, you can also look at garden-changes that can help maintain a pest free environment.

Add Several Plants to Your Home to Keep Insects Away

Flower gardening brings endless joy and entertainment to many. But there are also many unsung benefits to growing flowers. From increased exercise to helping the environment, we are going to unearth all of those flower-growing benefits today many people may be surprised to learn that a collection of plants can be strategically placed both inside and outside the home to keep all types of insects from moving in. Opting for these plant types will make it less necessary to rely on toxic chemicals to keep insects out of your space. Our experts have shared some of the most prominent plants known for their insect-repelling features.

1.      Lavender

Whenever anyone compiles a list of plants that you should invest in, you can almost be certain that lavender is on the list! This is because lavender has a whole host of benefits. In addition to being good for your health, the soothing smell people enjoy so much is also the scent that irritates a variety of insects.

Some ideas to incorporate lavender in and around your home:

  • Add lavender bushes around the edge of your garden.
  • Smaller lavender plants in pots on the windowsill inside your home will make it less appealing for insects to fly in.
  • Place bundles of lavender in your cupboards if your clothing cupboards are prone to have moths or silverfish.
  • Pots of lavender near the doorways will repel moths, fleas, mosquitoes and even some rodent species.

2.      Citronella

You may be familiar with the scent of citronella when it comes to using candles to chase away mosquitoes. However, investing in some citronella plants is an excellent way to keep the insects away when you’re not in the mood to light candles.

For the most part, citronella works by masking the odour of carbon dioxide that our bodies produce. This in turn keeps mosquitoes from consistently attacking you on summer evenings.

In addition to adding a few plants to your garden, you can place some smaller pots around the house. If you often get mosquito bites, it’s a good idea to place a small pot in your bedroom.

3.      Mint

Another firm favourite with extensive uses is the ever-popular mint. Mint, like eucalyptus, is great for deterring spiders, mosquitoes and several other regular critters. With its aromatic fragrance, mint can be placed anywhere in your home without creating overwhelming, unwanted odours. Be sure to add a pot or two near the doorways to make the entrance unappealing to pests.

Additionally, mint twigs can also be used to make a spray solution to deter mosquitoes. All you have to do is mix fresh twigs (or mint essential oil) with apple cider vinegar and vodka. Put the solution in a spray bottle and treat areas where you see pesky mosquitoes.

4.      Lemon Thyme

Any citrus plant has a host of insect-repelling properties. Mosquitoes, spiders and flies are known to hate the smell of these plants. With that said, it’s a good idea to plant some lemon thyme in your garden and also keep some in a pot on the kitchen windowsill or even on a counter.

You may also be pleased to learn that rubbing lemon thyme leaves against your skin is a great way to release the essential oils in the plant. This in turn makes for an excellent mosquito repellent.

5.      Chrysanthemums

Do you have a cockroach problem? Then you may want to invest in a few brightly coloured Chrysanthemums. Since they’re such beautiful plants, you won’t be faulted for planting them all over!

In addition to repelling cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants and ticks, they’re also known for their air-purifying properties. Opting to plant several lovely Chrysanthemums may almost be as effective as calling the pest control Geelong residents use every summer!

6.      Marigolds

Any plant enthusiast will tell you that marigolds are well known for producing a scent that repels rodents and mosquitoes. Experts recommend planting marigolds around the house either in the garden or in pots. Moreover, planting them on the borders of your flower beds or vegetable gardens is an excellent way to keep rats and even rabbits out of those areas.

Final Thought

Whether you’re a plant person or not, one thing is for sure—no one enjoys sharing their homes with pesky summer bugs. So, take action by calling in professionals and upgrading your garden.

In addition to repelling insects, these plants also have stunning fragrances which means your home and garden will always smell divine. Some of these plants can be used to make essential oils and sprays for use around the home. Before you reach for a spray can of toxic chemicals, opt to plant some plants instead!

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