6 Ways a Good Business Phone System Helps in Growing a Small Business

Your business is growing because of this; it is critical to do everything right. At some point, your small business is going to buckle under an outdated phone system. Regardless if you have new hires or require advanced calling and collaboration capability, having sound business phone systems can result in easier work and improve your bottom line.


Shared phone lines

In a system set that is non-phone, for an employee to access a specific phone line, the line would need to be turned off on that person’s phone. If a business wishes to have dedicated phone numbers for every employee, they will be required to have one phone line and jack installed for every user. It could be a costly investment for many businesses. However, by using the corporate phone system, employees can share phone lines. The system provides access to each line and even a virtual phone number for business and phone set and assign separate extensions for every user. Thus a 23 channel PRI system is good enough for small to medium-sized businesses.

Four-digit dialing

In a non-phone system set up, employees will be communicating with their colleagues by physically walking over to the other person’s desk and raising their voices.

By setting up a phones for office, employees will be picking up the receiver and dialing up to four digits to communicate with the other employee.

It is also possible for a business to mitigate their long-distance costs because intracompany calling will be traveling over their internal network and not that of a telephone company such as Verizon and AT&T.


If you have ever called the business and heard recorded messages requiring you to dial by name, you have been listening to an auto attendant. Auto attendance is a replacement for a live operator and routes incoming calls. Auto-attendant allows callers to dial the extension via name and offer a menu of options.

If the callers don’t hear the desired options, the operator option can be utilized usually by pressing zero to reach a live person. It is a convenient option because a small business owner would have to hire a receptionist to answer the phone or have his work interrupted and answer the call himself.

Amalgamated communications

Unified communications is another incredible benefit of business phone systems. It provides a unified user set up for every form of communication, including voice instant messaging and videoconferencing. It is a way of eradicating a company’s monthly recurring fees.

An employee can reach a colleague if the latter is available via phone. If not, an instant message can be sent instantly to communicate. It is also possible for employees to share screens with other employees and clients for collaborative efforts.

A small business which utilizes five phone lines and employees can be paying hundreds of dollars per month for voice messaging capacity from local phone company such as Verizon and AT&T. But the same functionality can be adopted from an office phone system which eliminates the monthly expense.

Save on call expenses

For a tiny incremental cost, a conference bridge can be bought with a Business phone system. A three-way calling system typically costs less than $5 per month for every phone line, but the expense can add up if businesses will have phone lines and conferencing limited to three participants.

Third-party conference set up allow for additional participants but charge per minute and can be costly. Because of this, a conference bridge can be bought, which eliminates the monthly cost and will support numerous parties.

Integration with CRM

Corporate systems allow a business to assimilate its CRM or customer relationship management with its phone setup. With this functionality customer account system can be accessed on the receiving party’s computer screen each time there is a call. This feature is made possible with caller ID technology. It is possible for the receiving party to be quickly familiarized with the customer enabling the improvement of customer experience.

Additionally, sales and customer service representatives can dial their desk phone with only the click of a mouse. Calls are automatically logged in to the business’s CRM. This feature typically comes with a call recording option that automates the recording of every incoming and outgoing call, and those recordings are stored with the account information of the customer. Recordings can be utilized for training, monitoring, as well as legal purposes.

Communication is critical to business. There is no replacing a phone call even with the arrival of more sophisticated means of communicating. A good phone system remains to be a non-negotiable for many businesses since it is indicative of the quality and trustworthiness of a brand.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist.She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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