7 Amazing Things to Do on Your Middle Rock Vacation

When looking for the best holiday parks, you want to find one with fun events, great pools, and scenic views.

If you’ve been searching for “holiday parks near me,” stop your search because Middle Rock has you covered! Please keep reading to learn more about this fantastic holiday park and its attractions!

Middle Rock Park 

This Australian holiday park offers the best stays for tourists with many accommodation options. For starters, you can stay at a luxury cabin, bungalow studio, and even a townhouse!

You can also park an RV on one of the powered sites and enjoy all of what Middle Rock has to offer. Don’t wait until it’s too late and book with ingeniaholidays.com today!

1. One Mile Beach 

One Mile Beach is located about 16 minutes from Middle Rock park. This beautiful Beach is home to some fantastic wildlife. The white sand and clear waters make it a perfect spot for a family picnic.

You can relax and enjoy the scenic grassy mountains while the cool ocean breeze refreshes your face. The Beach stretches out for many miles. Therefore, you can find a secluded spot away from others! 

2. Stockton Sand Dunes

The Stockton Sand Dunes are about 6 minutes away from Middle Rock. This area will leave you speechless because of its beauty and vastness. If you want some excitement, the SandDune Adventures offers sandboarding and bike tours!

3. Dolphin Swim Australia 

If your holiday park checklist consists of swimming with dolphins, then you’re in luck! 

This popular tourist attraction is 6 minutes away from Middle Rock, and they offer watching tours of the dolphins. You can also swim with dolphins in the clear waters of Australia. 

4. Splash Waterpark 

Australia holiday parks are infamous for having the best water attractions near them. However, Middle Rock takes this to a whole other level. Splash Waterpark is located about 8 minutes from Little Rock and offers the best recreational waterpark in the area. 

The inflatable waterpark is located in the actual waters of the Australian shoreline. This attraction is great for families with young children! 

5. Worimi National Park

Worimi National Park is located only 12 minutes away from Middle Rock! The national park has the best scenic views, beautiful beaches, and even whale-watching times!

So if you like the outdoors, you should make Worimi National one of your stops!

6. Fighter World

Fighter World is about 24 minutes from Middle Rock. This attraction is family-friendly and offers hands-on experiences. This flight museum holds iconic aircraft like the F-111.

You can even sit inside the cockpit of some of the most famous jets! This attraction is perfect for people of all ages! 

7. Oakvale Farm & Fauna World

Oakvale Farm & Fauna World is about 18 minutes from Middle Rock and is home to Australian wildlife. 

The interactive and educational seminars make this attraction great for young families looking to learn about native wildlife. You can feed and pet the animals while the instructors give you fun facts!

Choose Middle Rock for Your Holiday Destination

The best part about Middle Rock is that you can find the best attractions in Australia without driving for hours. Middle Rock is perfectly located right in the middle of all the fun!

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